Requiem for Wendelle Stevens …

Great Green Balls of Fire with Prometheus Rising

by Ted Denmark

*           *           *

Just after I spoke with Julie by phone around 9:30 pm, the day before, I sat down in the captain’s chair to watch the last half of the Emmy Awards show on NBC TV on the little Sony television in the dining room. Fortunately, the digital broadcast reception from Monterrey, nearly a hundred miles away on the coast, was good and steady as I noted the vaguely familiar young host make the intros and outros for the celebs to come up to announce the various categories and then call on the winners from the audience to come up on stage to give their acceptance acknowledgements. I was feeling pleased and settled, glad I had remembered that the program was on this evening when suddenly … my attention was taken up by the appearance of a bright green streamer of light visible through the east window directly in front of me just to the left of the TV; I quickly realized that I was seeing a very striking “falling star” … something I had not witnessed for some time, and just after the long descent—for a falling star, lasting maybe two or three seconds—I also couldn’t remember ever seeing such a spectacle through a window from inside a house before.

This green flash was indeed a delight to see, and I wondered if there were a known meteor shower that was being encountered by Earth in its late Summer orbit as my eyes drifted back to the TV screen. Breaking Bad was the much celebrated maverick program receiving many awards this evening, a series evidently not unlike HBO’s famed Sopranos, of a few seasons back, which had been such a bombshell. Then, about fifteen minutes later, much to my surprise, a second bright green flash of light dramatically appeared from the top of the same window frame, and much more brightly than the first, descending all the way down to the bottom as it faded into the dark night sky, now just a few days after the new Moon. This time I could see (so glad to have cleaned the windows!) what seemed like a core at the center of this second falling star that would be a “fireball,” as such larger meteoric rocks are called, which hit the atmosphere at thousands of miles per hour and then either skip along in a pattern of glancing blows before they burn up in the atmosphere or bounce back out into space, never to be seen again, or drop all the way down to Earth like this one appeared to have done.

“Wow!” I thought, “What is going on out there in the sky tonight while I’m sitting in here wasting time watching television?” I got up out of my chair and dashed through the solarium onto the outside deck to see if there were going to be more amazing green flashes like the two I had just witnessed. The night sky was dark and dreamy with the Milky Way almost directly overhead. I looked at it from one end to the other, noting the darkest patches where dense gas clouds obscure its center. But there were no more falling stars to be seen, and so after feeling the chill in the night air, I went back inside, thinking I would have to come out again later after the Emmys show was over. I did, but there was still nothing of the kind to be seen, apart from a few familiar bright stars (Aquila!) punctuating the galactic dome.

As I returned to my dining room seat, my mind drifted away from the television program and back to a time a few years earlier when I had seen a still more dramatic green fireball on the horizon, travel all the way across a dark sky from north to south as I was driving through a dark valley just west of Angels Camp, CA. This sighting was also through a glass (brightly!) and was quite astonishing, being easily the brightest fireball I had even seen. It had occurred just as I was wondering if Wendelle Stevens would allow me to publish a second edition of his fabled underground UFO classic Message from the Pleiades. I had sent him the first printed copy of my prototype effort and was awaiting his response, probably in mid 2010. My “instant expert” intuition was that this dramatic green fireball was a good omen that he would indeed accept my proposal. As it turned out, he merely admitted that he liked it but said he couldn’t help me with it at the time because he was so busy … which meant that he would allow me to offer it under his copyright, but on my own dime for expenses … which he did. I had no idea at the time how conflicted his life was at that point by domestic troubles and failing health and how much conflict my project proposal had caused in his family publishing business, but I would only find out about this later after his demise as told by daughter Cece Stevens.

When my attention was drawn back to the television program after these ruminations, it was being announced by the host that Billy Crystal would be delivering a short memorial address to honor the extraordinary life and sadly unfortunate death of the great actor, comedian and bon vivant, Robin Williams. Crystal had been a personal friend of the amazingly witty and feisty Williams and soon appeared on screen, wearing a bright emerald green suit, reciting his carefully-crafted homage to the much-beloved bad boy raconteur. Well, now I was especially glad I had taken the time to tune into this program to hear a particularly moving memorial—among many others already noted—to the great comedy clown from my own Northern California, as Crystal indeed memorably described Robin Williams as the “brightest star in the comedic cosmos.” What?! A green fireball, then a green suit and then a description of a star’s life that had just been preternaturally damaged into early oblivion. This really was as illustrious an example of a star-studded synchronicity as I had ever remembered.

And this was only the still incomplete phase of the synchro-synthesis, as I excitedly learned from my discussion with Julie in our next-morning phone call, to whom I had emailed a quick note about seeing the green flashes through my window before going to bed the night before. I told her that I suspected the hand of Hilarion in all this (our exotic ET contact whose oft-noted color is emerald green). She was quick as a bunny to agree and hop on the further extents of this curious set of simultaneous circumstances as we warmed to our ongoing review. As it turned out, I had sent her the finished proofs of my just-completed art work for the book cover of volume 1 of Message from the Pleiades, Wendelle Stevens’ most important effort I often call the “jewel in the crown.” My second ebook edition of this underground classic as editor, was first published in 2013 as a memorial to Wendelle who had died (also like Robin Williams in unfortunate dire circumstances) in 2010. Remember that I had associated the great fireball appearance with Wendelle, probably in early 2010, and now there were two meteoric green “falling stars” that I had seen tonight … one for Wendelle Stevens and one for Robin Williams (?). Was something fairly amazing going on here?

After a bit more reflection, as Julie and I were brainstorming together with this rapidly morphing theme (which she obviously found quite fascinating as well, great synchronistic sleuth that she is), my sleepy early-morning mind recalled that I had been quite involved in crafting the just completed and accepted layout of the front cover image of the Message ft Pleaides book with two of the Meier photos having a green grass commonality with a nearby green text insert identifying the book as a memorial to Wendelle, the “Dean of American UFO Studies” as he has often been called. Julie then reminded me that Robin Williams had begun his meteoric comedic television career with a program series called Mork and Mindy, in which he portrayed an eccentric character who had come to Earth from an ET civilization, which was therefore the explanation of his zaniness. This star-studded ET theme was now really getting constellated as it “flashed out” this dual memorial to both “great stars,” each the most brilliant in his chosen field (!), within four years of each other, one famous in his circle of his UFO buffs and the other world famous … who also meant so much to both Julie and me.

Julie had also instructed me to look up the astrology of the time I had seen the green flashes the night before, which I dutifully did with my morning Cappuccino after we finished our call. Being both astrologers of many years experience, it didn’t take long for me to notice that at 9:50 pm on August 25, 2014 at my location, our famed and renamed Prometheus (aka Uranus), had just risen to 10 degrees above the eastern horizon (the direction I had been facing) at about 16 degrees of Aries into the Gauquelin power sector, accurately symbolizing the electrifying phenomena I had witnessed. Pluto was culminating on the Midheaven directly overhead (death and publicly acknowledged loss of prominent individuals) while the Mars-Saturn conjunction that was exact earlier that day, fell on the eighth-house cusp of the chart (hard times and struggle with the loss of close associates, etc.). As always, astrology is the revealer par excellence of synchronicities of the moment—if one accurately takes note of that moment. I sent the message to Julie, who will doubtless have more to say in our evening phone call, to which I am already looking forward.

*           *            *           *

Dowd’s Hill at Avery, CA
August 26, 2014

[final edits 11/28/2017]