Short Introduction to *Star World Ascension*

by Ted Denmark Ph.D.

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After initial revelations of previously suspected but not well-understood circumstances of Julie and Ted’s lifelong contactee experiences in The Star Table Trance Missions—they discovered they are Pleiadian/ Earthuman hybrids with ET fathers from Planet Erra in the Taygeta (Tai-jeta) System—they now move beyond the V. 2 adventures of Star Family Excursions towards aspects of Earthly humankind’s genesis from the region of Andromeda in this third volume of the *J&T Five Star Series*, Star World Ascension. The Andromeda Galaxy, the larger companion of our Milky Way galaxy, is found in the direction of the great yellow star Mirach, the bright Beta star in the Andromeda Constellation (the “chained woman” and future wife of Perseus mythologically, and on the Aries/ Taurus cusp astrologically). Visitors from this most distant place are hosted in this series of Telepresence Conferences in this next group of what we now call “close encounters of the 6th kind,” experienced and reported on by Julie in her superconscious hypnotic-like state of awareness. It is said that Andromedans are responsible for the intriguing Crop Circles (the authentic, accurately rendered ones at least!) that have been appearing now for 50 years, most famously in the south of England. The Andromedans, represented by regular participants Samael & Jhinda, have a somewhat less varied and conspicuous presence on Earth than the Pleiadians or Sirians, though they, too, are fairly similar as archetypal humanoids or hominids in both their galaxy and ours—as is generally true, according to them, throughout the cosmos—if always with local variations.

The period covered is that of 2012 and early 2013, the Ascension Era, before and after the much-anticipated event said here to be a galaxy-wide energy surge similar in nature to that described in the books of Paul LaViolette. Various familiar ETs (‘exotic visitors’) and first-time guests attempt to anticipate the more local consequences of this momentous galactic event for the continuing web of life on Earth. The effects were/are said to be both an immediate tachyon entrainment flash as well as a high-energy photon burst that will impinge more slowly at luminal speed in an extended way on all bodies and substances galaxy-wide over the coming aeons. So, this will not be a local event in a “small planet” venue like ours.

This third volume is not limited to circumstances of either Andromeda or the Ascension “graduation” but will be, as in our two earlier books of similar investigations, a smorgasbord of questions and answers, seemingly dreamed up by Julie and myself but also stealthily steered from the sidelines by our dear friends, the core group of guides: the Pleiadians Rhi & Phindar (our time-line doubles from the Taygeta System 330 years in the future), Semjase, Lysah & Asafah, Arcturians Ariel & Michael, and particularly Earth resident masters Hilarion & Athena,. The questions range from the mundanely personal to the vastly cosmic and various situations in between, from the merely novel and surprising to shocking and unbelievable confirmations … at first … like the machinations of secret—but very real—conspiracies set in motion by “deep state” syndicates, undisclosed rogue military blocs, and the “breakaway civilization” that emerged from the Secret Space Programs of aerospace contractors. This ‘dark cabal’ has already succeeded in taking a cohort of enlisted Earthumans into “outer space” on gravity-controlled craft based on reverse-engineered plans of crashed ET ships (like at Roswell) and breakthrough scientific discoveries that quickly became classified away from the general public—and often from the patent recipients themselves—shortly after submission. These cryptic confirmations of scenarios that appeared during the early uncensored era of the Internet (before greater compromise by commercial assimilation and bot/troll domination and censorship) will eventually become the astounding historical revelations of early Century 21 as they already are for those who have had insight, time and inclination to penetrate the amazingly effective smoke screen bashing of conspiracy theory whistle blowers.

In post-Covid hindsight, various predicted outcomes from the 2012-2017 time-slice have not fully unfolded as expected, generally having been fully disrupted or drawn out longer than anticipated, but some things have occurred that were cautiously explored in our earlier books. The “ETs and Celestial Guides” with all their foreknowledge and wisdom—which is still very impressive to us (J&T)—is yet left open to circumstances by the unknown infinite integration of decisions and shifting states of consciousness of all the many beings alive on-planet and off, a planet now savaged by weather modification warfare (HAARP atmospheric burners in the aftermath of earlier atmospheric and underground nuclear bomb tests), the giant worldwide petrochemical poison lobby (to say nothing of auto emissions—at least they got the lead out!), and many other outrages in the hands of greedy elites driven almost to madness (?) by crushing responsibilities in the siren song of wealth, power and sexual exploits, pushing edgy captive governments with aggressive arms industries towards world domination—just like in the early 20th Century—the more things change the more they stay the same.

Much of the developments in these secret wars now raging among various international oligarch and syndicate groups vis-a-vis classical sovereign governments, particularly regarding projected population control and migrations, amazingly enough, has mostly been kept secret, until now … with instant Internet communications and the disinformation smoke bombs that have been thrown in the first rounds of digital communications and code-based cyber warfare. How much longer can this clash of countervailing tyrannies hold out? That’s one big question that has been explored in several flavors, but the answer remains yet unknown—in the pages and recitations of the co-opted MSM as well as the Q&A of Star World Ascension, but things appear to be really getting stretched out of shape by the apprentice president (former fake fresident who got fired—but is back in 2024!). It’s an improbable political tragi-comedy beyond anything that could have been imagined, which ripens on a daily basis, but perhaps it is suitable for a reality TV star “mad king” bad actor intent on being the Big Monkey who throws the Big Monkey Wrench. But who knows, perhaps his role is to transform the task of the American presidential king into something different (like maybe an executive council?).

These are some of the darker reflections that will seem frightening to some readers as they were for us, but we believe it’s the unavoidable reality of the new Century 21, now closing in on its quarterly culmination with major world-historical events, as happened almost exactly 100 years ago during the previous one. We are grateful our ET friends were allowed to reveal as much to us as they did—but not too much (!)—which would have probably endangered our generally unprotected positions as “ordinary citizens” secretly in contact with possibly “hostile space aliens,” who in reality are merely concerned galactic citizens attempting to prevent worst case scenarios from being carried out, either by malicious intent or ignorant accident. The ETs, too, are faced with new challenges of how much they may wish to intervene, also necessarily clandestinely, in surface affairs on Earth, but they also have new technologies that did not exist in the time of Atlantis, the last time such a world-wide catastrophe threatened (and happened). Naturally, it is our hope the Star Councils will succeed in continuing to set the pace for a peaceful transformation so the salvation and cleanup of the home planet can begin (faster than we can imagine!).

At the same time a consistent thread of spiritual intent is evident in the attitudes shown and advice given by these extraordinary watchers and wise teachers who are here in the environs of Earth to help us gain a greater mastery of our circumstances because, although they appear to be highly-predictable, unshakable optimists, they know that many planetary civilizations in ancient times have gone beyond the point of no-return and self-destructed—like Mars and Malona, what we now call the “Asteroid Belt” in our own Solar System … or even entire solar systems (far away and long ago). In a sense they are like invisible gods behind the scenes, going to extraordinary lengths with their exo-knowledge and advanced technologies to keep many kinds of nuclear war catastrophes from happening, which would have likely already destroyed our world, had they had not been working the night shift behind the scenes. But they have evidently seen it all before and wish to do what they can—in a limited intervention mandate—to preserve equilibrium until the higher energies of the Ascension can begin to have greater effects. Even though the metaphor of “waking up” is an overused expression (“woke-ism”), they say this is perhaps still the best way to look at what is being hoped-for in the house of their dear Earthuman cousins.

Along the way Julie and I are shown some of our past life incarnations in photo-realistic visualizations—something we previously could have probably never imagined knowing, even summarily—which as usual, are immersively experienced by her and only sensed by me from high-frequency energies I can “hear” in my head but cannot decode into full multimedia experiences like her. And in a wonderful new feature, Julie presents her sketches of our now most familiar guests, but also that of Jmmanuel (Jesus) and the huge surprise that accompanies this visit with his Essene family—including Mary Magdalen—during a very “moving” time travel back to the Biblical period in TC Sessions 39 and 40. Along the way it is revealed that we (J&T) also lived during this same Essene sojourn of these biblical personages and are thus qualified to have parts of their still obscure story clarified for a modern audience through their own answers to a few of our questions. Again, as in the Star Family volume, three different ET space craft appear; the largest and most astounding in the penultimate contact, is the space-time traveling ‘Great Spacer,’ the Pleiadian planetoid starship called the Alliance with Semjase’s father, Jshwsh Commander Ptaah, appearing and hosting us … and answering still more questions. The second craft is a very large classic Pleiadian disc-shaped craft with a large dome. The last starship variation is a spherical Lyran ship whose exterior Julie does not get to see. As usual, Julie is the familiar intrepid, multifaceted, and articulate tour guide with an amazing unfolding itinerary far beyond anything anyone, including us, could have imagined. We hope it will have a sufficient ring of truth to help in the wake-up call.

August 25, 2018 [slightly amended, May 1, 2024], Dowd’s Hill at Avery, CA

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Front cover of *Star World Ascension* (e-book available by clicking on image to go to Ted Denmark Amazon Author Page)

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