Star World Ascension: Andromeda

*Star World Ascension* is Volume 3 of the *J&T Five Star Series* and begins with Telepresence Conference 29 (4-29-2012), concluding with number 42 (3-31-2013). It is dedicated to the presence of individuals from Andromeda in Earth’s ancient pre-history and their contribution to Earth civilizations in past eras as well as presently (they do the crop circles!). In addition to much else, it examines the meaning of the much bruited notion of “Ascension” during this time, which was believed by many to be a very relevant boundary condition for a cultural era (or something) at the end of 2012 (it is said here to have been largely about the effects of our solar system companion brown dwarf star Astraea aka “Planet 9” whose close approach to Earth occurred in late 2011).  The answers provided are cosmically relevant and do not disappoint for those who have interests in this area.

[updated 5-1-2024]

Book covers of *Star World Ascension* (e-book available by clicking on image to go to Ted Denmark Amazon Author Page)

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