Supplementary Synchronicity in Telepresence Conference 23

by Ted Denmark


A major breakthrough insight gained from Hilarion’s tip or quip on the Seven Ray Model: “… first there is a sound and then there is a brilliant light, and out of that light comes an expression of what you’re describing as the first three Major Rays and out of that the next four Minor Rays … and then there’s another five … to make twelve.”

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The most relevant part of this striking comment is the final part: “…and then there’s another five … to make twelve.” I didn’t understand the meaning of this final addendum when I first encountered it more than ten years ago (even though I knew it was important), nor did I get it upon re-reading it the first time for this 2nd edition makeover, but as I began to reflect on the intended meaning, it suddenly became clear … that I had not really understood the fundamental nature of the Seven Ray model itself—the most abstract or generalized structure or symbol for the nature of reality—given by the Tibetan through the Alice A. Bailey books … which I had studied at great height and depth for a number of years. Hilarion probably understood that, which is why he made the slightly mischievous comment, almost as if the meaning should have been more obvious …

Upon reflection it suddenly occurred to me that the Seven Ray model was a metaphor for the “higher nature” of the cosmos—the Spiritual Realm (the Major Rays of Aspect, 1, 2, & 3) and the Energy Realm (the Minor Rays of Attribute, 4, 5, 6, & 7). What was missing was the third realm—the physical world itself (!) … that’s Hilarion’s declaration of “another five.” Ah, that clever Hilarion, he knows just what to hint at to get a result and yet keep from “spoiling the fun.” And of course, it should have been obvious enough to me in the early days as I tried to puzzle out the meaning of the Seventh Ray of Attribute, often called “ceremonial magic” … now there’s a curious term dating from late Theosophy for the electrical-chemical energy body that duplicates and energizes the physical body (!). So, the final metaphysical impact here is that physical reality is seen to have five levels—as in eastern teachings—Instead of four, as is more commonly differentiated in western metaphysics. I was familiar with this difference from earlier times, but this hit me like a ton of bricks, particularly since “five-ness” was so central to the main theme of our *J&T Five Star Series* of books! (It feels like an exclamation mark should follow every sentence when trying to write about a feeling of this kind!)

The four standard terms for describing the familiar four physical level densities are: solid, liquid, gas or air, and fire or plasma. What of the insinuated fifth? Well, that would have to be electricity or electro-magnetism itself, that “magnetic fluid” that is the edgy margin between the most etherealized level of physical matter (charged particles like electrons and protons) and low energy photons!

Another interesting feature of this insight is that the Spiritual Realm is seen to be composed of three elements (The Major Rays of Aspect or indeed the archetypal Trinity of the Christian legacy), the Energy Realm is composed of four levels (the Minor Rays of Attribute or psychological levels of intuition, intellect, emotion or feeling and sensation), and finally the physical level is composed of five fundamental states of physical substance. This final point might be too obscure for anyone except the most dedicated esoteric or metaphysical investigator, but the division between the Major Rays and the Minor Rays, the Fourth Ray, called “Harmony through Conflict” in the AAB books then is seen to be the inflection or transition point between the spiritual world (Will and Love of God, Vacuum plenum, Dark Energy and Matter, etc,) and the energy world, and now the new “Eighth Ray” of electro-magnetism is similarly seen to be the inflection point between energy and physical substance with all the peculiar puzzling phenomena seen in quantum physics investigations (wave/ particle dualities, etc.). The Universe is then fundamentally triune or Trinitarian in its full plenum of being!

If any puzzle remains in Hilarion’s formula, it is the description of the full process of creation that begins with “a sound” that leads to “a flash of light” … what is that sound and where did it come from? Is it like the unitary “Big Bang” inflation of a new Universe or the little pops of the Vacuum Plenum at quantum scale in a Continuous Creation scheme?

So, electricity is on the median as the fifth estate of physical substance in our completed archetypal Twelve Ray Model that is fractally and holographically nested and scaled at every one of the twelve levels and sublevels of reality (!) … to recast it in the terminology of the Haramein Unified Physics. This is the equivalent of discovering how to “well temper” the standard musical octave into the chromatic octave so the whole orchestra can play together—even the piano! This relationship between the Fundamental Octave and the Chromatic Octave has finally gotten clearer.

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