Synopsis for 2nd Edition of *Star Family Excursions*

by Ted Denmark

After initial revelations in The Star Table Trance Missions (V. 1 of the *J&T Five Star Series*) of the reason they have been lifelong UFO/ET contactees (they are Pleiadian/ Earthuman hybrids with ET fathers), Julie and Ted move from the Star Table environs in the vicinity of Aldebaran, the “Bull’s Eye” of Taurus, towards aspects of the genesis of Earthly humankind from the region of the great Central Sun Sirius in this second ‘Star Family’ volume. There was a great cosmic incident in that system around 250,000 years ago in which an anticipated nearby nova explosion required all the inhabited planets to be evacuated en-masse, which they were—just in time. The Sirians don’t want us to call this a “diaspora,” even though all their planets were severely damaged and became uninhabitable and have remained so. What happened to the Sirian refugees who migrated out into the cosmos on the great mother transport ships? They went in all directions, some coming to Earth, and their influences remain evident even today on several continents, particularly Egypt but also Peru and Tibet.

According to Julie, the Sirians appear to be a bit more advanced than the Pleiadians and more detached from the physical aspect of existence, in particular being more spiritual and less dependent on technology to achieve intended results. Julie and Ted are shown some of their past lives in the pre-nova era on Sirian planets in photo-realistic visualizations, which as usual, are immersively experienced by Julie and only sensed by Ted from high frequency energies he can “hear” but cannot decode. Some quite extraordinary figures, such as Aurelia, the planetary regent of Erra, the main Pleiadian planet in the Taygeta system, and Horem Heb from Arcturus, make appearances and interpret events that are as strange and interesting as anything that will ever be reported by us coming from these extraordinary conference personages. Three separate space craft appear in the later sessions, the last in the final contact in which a small group of negotiators from the cognizant local Galactic Council, disembark with their smart lawn furniture from what Julie calls their “Layer Cake” spacecraft for a brief, what is like a press conference, to introduce themselves and their mission: they are here to conduct a peace process with governance leadership on Earth, which has already begun. So, fasten your seat belts and get ready to be beamed up with Julie and Ted and their animal entourage for adventures beyond anything you—or they—could have ever imagined.

The first major innovation to the main text of the 2nd Edition itself is inclusion of Julie’s wonderful portrait sketches (twenty-two figures in all, done after publication of the original edition) of the major or close core-group collaborators, whose involvement in having a continuing “place at the table,” marked them for being sketched and appearing as thumbnails near the seating cartoons of each Telepresence Conference to help establish a visual link between what is said and who is saying it. It does get a bit complicated with so many new guests making one-time appearances (whom Julie did not sketch, with only one exception who only appears once in the next Volume 3, Star World Ascension).

Apart from a bit of new relevant subtext commentary on events having happened in the meantime, the other major addition for the new 2nd edition is inclusion of Appendix III, the “Longer Summaries” of all the sessions themselves (being extensions of the short introductions at the beginning of each), which was an attempt to include and characterize all the situations and main points being made without the full dialogue that actually got recorded. So, it’s a kind of executive summary of the book for anyone wanting a notion of what was said without time or inclination to read the whole book—or, if they did, who might not have understood something possibly obscure … and a certain amount will probably seem obscure or very ‘far-out’ to many readers, but for Julie and I the Q&A here is the culmination of lifetimes of interests and efforts as psychologists, astrologers and contactees to try to understand many fairly exotic circumstances of “high strangeness” that are not generally known—or are currently very controversial … even the existence of the exotic visitors themselves (!). So, in a sense I have become aware of myself as a kind ‘encyclopaedist of the future’ as a result of having become routinely involved with these extraordinary exo-planet consultants from the near and far future, working through the conferences to learn more about many things that almost no one on Earth currently understands very well. Of course many will not be able to distinguish our approach from a sci-fi novel or movie/ TV series—it takes some amount of triangulation to establish string-lines to anchor points in working through the ideas being presented, often for the first time, for anyone.

The level of the most subtle aspect of analysis and evaluation of the proceedings is that neither our moderators, Hilarion and Athena, nor our star-family participants, nor our extraordinary guests can tell us the “whole truth” about many if not most of the answers to our questions because our level of understanding is relatively limited compared to the vaster extents they are aware of, and there are certain things that are agreed upon not to be divulged by them when speaking with persons from an earlier time in the past who need to experience their own present as it unfolds in real time (complex exo-psychology!).

So, the situation here is that of a fundamentally more advanced outlook being presented to us, intended for sharing with potential readers of our time about worlds (the great exo-planet hypothesis) beyond Earth in its current historical context, much like many imaginative or creative sci-fi scenarios and adventures attempt to do, except here a sincere attempt is being made to present it in a far more realistic way—not so much as entertainment—but as an early breakthrough effort going beyond mere disclosure of their existence towards forging an integration between themselves and the more isolated people of planet Earth about the main events happening in our time.

The role these exotic visitors are already playing in our planetary life is amazing enough, but how we will eventually benefit from the uplift, possibly without ever understanding how it happened (!) will also be gratifying even in widespread ignorance—and how we might not have persevered if they had not come to help manage the affairs of the last surviving habitable planet in our distressed solar system. Of course our fate is still mostly in our own hands, and it’s still an edgy and somewhat dicey drama playing out with results they can’t fully predict even with all their advanced technologies and exo-knowledge, but they are committed to saving the Earth and its ancient life-wave during the current major transformation and don’t plan to lose the game, and they also know it could take a while … but it is another planetary emergency.

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