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July 30, 2017 [minor updates Jan. 2023]


It’s a bit late for an older, early-adopter, desktop power-user like me, but I do wish to have some words as well as some worlds … with, for and about you … and all of us (!).  I’m pleased to be finally highlighting a retirement writing career with a main theme of longer works, including nearly a dozen completed PDF ebooks, and a selection of more diverse writing projects in various stages of completion on the side.  And a gallery of pictures, a few favorites from lots of snaps on a small digital Sony hybrid (Alpha Nex C3) with old Minolta film camera lenses … and a few video surprises to eventually go up on the YouTube adjunct (in addition to the thin profile that’s holding it in place now).  It’s the new digital Golden Age of Publishing, featuring words with pictures, now trickling into uploads from all the many over-worked typers and roving snappers who ever dreamed of booking their favorite scribblings and shots, usually in the enthusiastic rush that first comes to mind … before looking again the next morning (oh, my word!), rewriting and rearranging (how embarrassing), and then looking out the window, thinning the apples, going on vacation, coming back and sitting down to rewrite and arrange the “final” version after the more-careful and artful writer’s meditation finally reaches liftoff. Well, you get the idea; it’s an alchemical process that must be tended until the confection goes to gold, from salvage to savor, which I hope I can determine “passes the mustard” … to be engaging, informative or at least amusing—likely before anyone else is apt to—the re-upped contents of recursive brain circuits prepped by multiple decades of schooling and still more seasons of grooming on the day-shift.

Digital multi-media with motion visuals and accompanying sound, such as movies and games, have become the real gold standard as the most compelling contemporary art forms and communications strategies, but many people my age (78) have already seen too much old-school TV and feel exhausted by the sheer volume of new streaming media—though it is often very good (and I, too, am awaiting my turn).  In the meantime, some of us with fond memories and enough remaining verbal enchantment—and especially computer writing tools—have opted for word-smithing (“without a script there is no movie”), first with a few favorite lingering stories … or until, as in my case, a major new breakthrough emerged from my ongoing secret life to impact my main full-spectrum identity.  This involves what to me is the most compelling cultural breakthrough of our time: the discovery of other worlds in the cosmos, rather like our own that could also support life—maybe even intelligent life (cue to laugh for those who know).  Some of my earlier experiences first needed to be recalled and cast into suitably arranged words on a screen before they really were going to be forgotten, as Wendelle Stevens, one of my mentors, once warned me in his 80s, with all the thematic and typographic strategies needed, at least for a design and software engineer like myself who also happens to be a serious student of esoteric psychology.  Ideally the jam will resolve in some familiar key as the outcome that induced the intuition in the more formative stages, emerges for a more unified presentation.

Anyway, soon to follow will be some of the latest transcripts in a visionary multiple book-length story, much of which is fairly “far out,” to use a term of art from the days of my early adult rovings in the San Francisco Bay Area.  For those who know the territory, the specific location was the North Berkeley Hayward Fault zone, and still more so, the Gourmet Ghetto where the first Peets Coffee store was launched in 1962, the year I arrived as a refugee from Chicago, by Mr. Peets from Holland, who later cashed out as a cool fractionated millionaire for having the blessed insight that Americans, unlike himself and most Europeans, didn’t get it about how to roast or brew coffee.  I was never really so interested in making money myself beyond that of a salaried university employee, but ah (!), Berkeley in the 60s: a hip student or street-person’s dream for the taking, in every trendy book shop, campus grove, red decorative plum-lined street, concert in the park and “better living through chemistry” smile coming down The Ave on a cool Sunday afternoon!

We thought 1967’s Summer of Love would last forever (and get better!), but it couldn’t even get past the horrors of 1968—now a half century ago—and what a long, strange and … actually rather interesting roller-coaster trip it has mostly turned out to be for me, however much the ‘spooks of spycology’ in their secret dark conspiracies, starting with the Vietnam War, would succeed in mugging our former gov’ment, along with the true “deep state” cabal of unacknowledged black ops “defense” contractors (Eisenhower’s farewell address), who have only more thoroughly blindsided us and depleted our faltering democratic institutions and spiritual aspirations.  I was never very “political” and only a lukewarm activist, but none of us could have imagined how deep the roots would grow, finally culminating in the post-Cold War 911 “terrorist attack” war crimes.  It is and was the indispensable country of Exceptional Americans, land of the free, home of the brave … the best and brightest … and the paranoid, greedy and predatory … who all stepped up to the plate in their turn to strike out or hold forth in the clutch with a four-bagger over the center field score board, drawing cheers from the bleachers and handshakes all around—whether understood or deserving of accolades accepted in false modesty … or not. My prescient reading of Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire as a freshman in college was my best preparation.

The main ambition of my second half-century has been for a country house, and I’ve been living out my departed urban lifestyle dreams in the wilds of Northern California’s beautiful Calaveras County (of Mark Twain’s jumping frog fame) in the Central Sierra foothills about a hundred miles east of Bagdad by the Bay (of Herb Caen’s “three-dot journalism” notoriety) where I’ve been building an off-the-grid solar-electric house on six hillside acres to suit my proclivities for the last three decades—and it’s finally finished.  This is a lovely rustic eagle’s nest sort-of place for a writer to finally settle into and spend mornings working out with my Dell Precision 16 inch 4800 laptop, looking out the big north window across the Stanislaus River Canyon towards the tall Cedars and Sequoias of Big Trees State Park on the other side with high ridges of the Yosemite highlands filling in the panorama to the distant southeast.  I used to have an elaborate telescope setup for late dark nights of starlit skies with Moon and planet rises coming up over the eastern ridges, though now I mostly just admire the remarkable vistas of clear night skies, daytime cloudscapes and occasional rainbows that get framed into the canyon. It’s the third-stream California Motherlode (of ’49er gold Rush fame) with hot summers and cold winters—but not much snow anymore at 4,000 feet.

We’ve survived a five-year drought of continually warming summers (broken by the 2016 winter’s record rain and snow!), a relentless series of wild fires, and now the hordes of cannabis growers waiting to see what sort of hoops the county sups are going to make them jump through to finally get legit in 2018 … and the ongoing California identity crisis (America or California first?, among others) … which have all taken their toll. It’s a gambler’s game to stay, now with a 100 million dead and dying trees, but remains a choice, like hanging out anywhere with a satellite web link in the increasingly dangerous “Internet slum,” as John Walker, my boss at Autodesk used to call it.  But the fresh air and sunshine, the privacy and incomparable spring water remain as perks in a California niche where wider population has doubled since the 70s into still more expensive urban and expansive suburban sprawl in coastal and valley locales respectively.  The consolation of the still mostly unspoiled high Sierra hill country just north of Yosemite remains the root of contentment for us Highway 4 locals, as it was for John Muir, the patron saint of our mixed forest area, taking its risks on a collision course of granite block ridges on the shaky Pacific Rim, still slowly stacking up in front of the Great Basin.  The sunbaked low-hanging fruit a few steps off my back deck, like plums, pears, persimmons and papples (don’t ask—it was a joke made up on the spot when I was once introduced to someone named Papple), aren’t too bad, either.

It’s all beyond words, of course, but words remain the most immediate way to organize our conscious awareness, and those of us who inherit the wordsmith chore will have to try to put our own insightful coinages and symbolic spins on the skein of space and time here in the netherworlds if we can preserve sufficient peace (I always do the typo “peach” here, for which I also used to have the sugar tree) and mindfulness to reflect on navigating our own little house boat drifting out somewhere in the great Cosmic Unknown—and what a big, huge, and very, very large expanse of Multiversal Forever it is!

Yet the good news is that I do seem to have found a two-way handhold at my place in the Sun, having also been, among other things, a semi-professional astrologer with what I believe will be an important new astrology monograph to be published here first, entitled Soul Entry Astrology.  This will be an intermediate astrology text that buffet astrologers might not like since it will make things more complicated, but it will present a fascinating new take on esoteric astrology/ psychology with a new rectification solution for natal astrology—the most exciting innovative approach to revisioning astrology that I am aware of—the tip having come from my most dear exotic friend, Hilarion, an astrologer’s master astrologer.  May I suggest to astrology deniers (who are legion for some good enough reasons) that this intricate study, yet only an echo of the wisdom of many ancient civilizations, is on track as a future science to become the basic technology of a real human psychology?  Of course, you may disagree … and if you do, you will probably never take time to investigate, anyway, but it’s another branch on the tree of knowledge that is just as remarkably accurate as it was in the time of the classical Greeks, which I was originally surprised to find as a technologist on a purely empirical basis (though, admittedly you have to have some Virgo talent to fathom the complexity).

But the main extended theme that has come as the biggest surprise after many decades of following a very elaborate trail of bread crumbs … is about the nature of “life more abundant” from “Across the Universe.”  It is what the expression “mind blowing” was made to describe and prepare me–and us–for, beyond what was amazing to avant-gardists of my earlier days, who were once transported by the siren song of Acapulco Gold for $15 a lid.  So, in pleading as a long-since mid-western migrant to Northern California, a new “native” now of half-century standing … with major assistance from the Golden State’s years of sustained progressive culture, wailin’ cool music concerts, high-tech ‘entreprenerd’ upstarts and lively hip or square folk generally, I remain for the time being to see what manner of unexpected crisis or apotheosis will come along next.  At this summery season of year I am waiting to be firmly assaulted soon enough by fields of ‘Merrymint’ herb from adjoining gardens on both sides of my splendid Golden Eagle Oaks estate, adding a third choice answer to the test question, “Is it French Roast … or merely another skunk trying to move into the neighborhood?” (Yikes!).

Even though I was a participant observer on the prowl with the high spark of low-heel boys, there is not enough poetic product as there should have been for all the times the words flowed around, over and through me to have told the tales of those California dream times like so many others imbibing the flashy scenes … but in those earlier halcyon days of my youth I didn’t think taking time to write down much of the happening ‘high-jinks’ was much more than vanity, and that reading and writing might soon be nearly obsolete anyway … besides I was a design engineer busy fabricating space satellite spectrometers and a serious university intellectual completing the final tour for academic certification (!).  So, if I ever get my long God Dog “doggerel” poem done, it will be a miracle … and you will see it here first (don’t hold your breath, even if you are used to blowing smoke without inhaling).

Ok, enough of these stimulating flights of fancy looking in the adjustable rear-view mirror after this whimsical introduction of a newly-initialized magical portal in cyberspace … and now for a rapid fast forward into the UFO/ET narrative as forecast, acknowledging having already made reports from the field as a “minor contactee” … and having been told of my status as a first generation Pleiadian/ Earthuman hybrid in the first series of our “Telepresence Conference Dialogs,” The Star Table Trance Missions, in what my dear wife Julie Loar and I have published as volume 1 of our *Five Star Series* of ebooks.

A lot has already happened with us in this sphere (!), as noted in the first two books, now available at most online ebook outlets with the same ebook or deluxe PDF versions available and linked at this same website.  The second ebook in the series, Star Family Excursions, takes our ‘contactee narrative’ to the next level of events and revelations.  Volume 3, Star World Ascension, is also available.  It will also be interesting to see how many ordinary civilians will be ready for my “Contactee Memoir” entitled Winged Messengers (now also available online).  These books attempt to introduce the extraordinary discoveries we have made as now written out, of these very unusual circumstances, blossoming in our eighth decade, which, only ten years ago I really had no idea would emerge and converge as they have … of which I feared I would never really understand the early episodes at all.  Miraculously, the meaning of my puzzling contactee experiences that had already punctuated my childhood, has been transformed into a cornucopia of phenomena, both external as “close encounters” and inwardly, just a thin etheric threshold layer away—“closer than hands and feet”—by hypnotic contact with a cast of more than one hundred ET and Celestial entities.  The most recent series of “trance scripts” I have been working on with wife Julie as masterful hypnotic subject that she is, will appear here serially for the first time, so as not to make them lag so far behind the real-time events. They have now all been collected into five volumes of our *Five Star Series* and are also available online at Bookbaby.

So, our unfolding contactee experiences have finally culminated in close encounters of the 6th kind, collaboration with these “ETs and Celestial Guides.”  This has already been described at some length in our Telepresence Conference Dialogs (TCDs), now nearing 140 in number, easily my most exceptional accomplishment in life after many opportunities to understand my purpose … while discovering, like Pogo, after meeting them … they are us.  Only halfway, as you will soon see if you begin to look into this curious state of affairs, but it will take more than a quantum leap off a chaise longue to really understand the implications, even if you are more than a little bit curious in this post-Star Trek world.  It’s uncertain how our TCDs will be found upon examination by readers, if they are as exceptional as the truthful visions of expanded reality we believe we have to offer—and if we succeed in sustaining curiosity with our earnest question-and-answer approach.  We present our initially experimental foray into superconscious depth hypnosis as something far more amazing and complex than we could have ever imagined … and which will probably be referred to as “channeling” (one on one) … but is actually something far more extensive and innovative (one on many and many on one—or two—but with ETs).  If you are familiar, and perhaps disappointed, with some of the popular dystopian science fiction fantasy movies making the rounds at large or small screens near you these days (for all the good reasons these flix get made), we especially hope you will see our story as a more plausible and appealing alternative—if not good enough itself to inspire CGI movies someday (movie makers, pay heed … there is a reserved seat waiting for you up front).

If you happen to come upon these reports with already disciplined investigative interests, then you will find—as far as we know—a unique new kind of discovery that we have made, embedded, perhaps for the first time, within our familiar Earthuman world, of an existence of ‘cloaked’ ultra-human intelligences who are fully exotic and uniquely amazing but still show great dignity and what I call a refined modesty as well as highly-nuanced intelligent awareness of … pretty much everything, including our circumstances and nearly anything we ask about.  The slightly amusing sidebar is that they think of themselves as also living here on Earth, just as we do, but with many more advanced selective options—such as easily beaming themselves (the Pleiadians at least) back to their home planet Erra 330 years in the future.  Again, the words can’t do justice to the experiences Julie has in decoding the data stream into her own full multimedia awareness (I can only hear the high frequency transmissions), but we have decided to tell our story in these sessions, which “our ETs” have agreed to conduct with us for our coached and authorized work product in helping make their presence known … even if I have never actually seen them in physical form (not allowed yet by their stellar councils, even for us, though at first we did once try … which you can read about in the Star Table book).  In spite of this I am greatly impressed by the nobility, subtlety and sophistication of our correspondents and never fail to learn quite a lot each time spent with them, even, or more especially, since no one can really tell the future—including Them, even with millennial lifespans and near instantaneous space/time travel—in these somewhat weirdly gloomy Trumpestuous times.

After discovering myself as a ‘minor contactee of conscience’ in my attempt to report involvement with higher ET intelligences after a lifetime of unusual events, some of which were clearly “out of this world,” I must add in my defense that it has all been so strangely improbable, one hardly knew how to begin a discussion about it, even with friends, who were naturally incredulous since nothing even remotely similar had ever happened to them—and only a short time ago people had been routinely institutionalized as delusional for having such “impossible” ideas.  And so it went, but things are different now (oh, that old refrain!), but I believe the time has finally come for the more mainstream world to realize, beyond “believing in” UFOs from fleeting images in blurred pictures, that some among its “ordinary” citizens really are in contact with multidimensional beings from other worlds, even as our astronomers and astrophysicists report this new breakthrough of the century for hard science: the discovery of real exo-planets “just like Earth,” now beginning to take hold in the popular imagination of our increasingly fractured post-modern world so desperately in search of a new fundamental mythic identity.

Thus, I believe this is what is really behind (and ahead!) of the most accelerated advance in Earthuman culture—something being noted by nearly everyone in their own generational gloss of mixed-bag buzzwords, or often alternatively, confused resignation: nothing less than the culmination of the last 10,000 years of Earthuman developmental history (since the catastrophe of Atlantis and the Great Flood).  It’s about regaining advanced technology; it’s about cultural revisioning; it’s about finding the true ancient history of Earth and our Solar System; and it’s about finding out who our ancient ancestors really were: human beings like us who mostly did not originate on Earth.  They came at various times and from various places—predominantly five regions in the starry heavens (Aldebaran and The Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Andromeda and Cygnus).  What we see today is the result of a very complex weaving of these interstellar racial DNA “time-lines” as a grand manifold of soul-infused individuals living and dying and being reborn again from ancient prehistory into the ripening Swiss Cheese of future possibilities (wow, this is really getting poetic!).

Most of our scientific knowledge and cultural history are therefore in need of the greatest revisions ever contemplated, and I am presuming some number of innocent bystanders will find our addition to this rising chorus … to be interesting enough to consider.  Oh, silly me (!).  At least this is the critical re-cataloguing that is being offered by our superhuman acquaintances and their consultant specialists, mostly from around our local galaxy, in a media presentation to Julie and arranged, organized and conducted by our dearest friends: Hilarion and Athena, Ariel and Michael, and Rhi and Phindar (our future Pleiadian selves) and with a special assist from the brilliant and lovely Pleiadian Star woman Semjase, of 70’s contactee Eduard “Billy” Meier fame (much more about her to come—she is featured in the earliest TCDs to be released here first).  By the way, the Vulcan Spock in the iconic Star Trek series was a thinly disguised veil for the Pleiadian/ Earthuman hybrid revelation that was already surreptitiously made back in the fabulous 60s—it was the beginning of the modern myth of the Starman (also referred to as “Starseed” with its own list of authentics and wannabes).

Other competing “stakeholders” (as usual, watch out for zombies and werewolves) including various sorts who are still deeply committed to competing cultural paradigms, the most common being what I often refer to as “materialist reductionists,” mostly very successful over-reaching scientists and technologists, who will not like any of this one bit (!).  They will belittle and sabotage any idealistic spiritual alternative to their monopolistic bottoms-up hypothetical random assembly of reality, any way they can.  This very old foundational philosophical debate, goes back to the times of Plato and Aristotle, who were both right, of course, but each applies differentially at alternating stepping-stone stages along the way of advancing human development.  Yet this new more inclusive integration from zero to infinity pushes the envelope well beyond the old-school analysis that is still being propped up by today’s conventional wisdom.  I must admit, attaining this new perspective is a lot to ask of anyone, as in “next Copernican Revolution,” and it does seem too fantastic, even to me at times, but I have been caught up in the midst of this improbable drama for much of my life.

And there will always be those of primarily devotional outlook, maintaining a religious faith of some dignified pedigree from various ancient times and places, which can indeed be a great richness and consolation, but which, like a candle in the wind, is increasingly vulnerable to the manifold of new knowledge now coming into evidence.  The science and technology “modernists,” looking in the rear-view speculative mirror, have mostly parodied or satirized “God squad” religionists, but, apart from attempting to discredit the God hypothesis as an answer to any question, the Materialist Reductionists also make it an a priori point to discredit any spiritually-based metaphysic believed to be outside the “laws of science.”  Well of course, it’s only another bias, yet everyone must come from their own positions of belief where they find themselves and are able to contemplate how to make their way forward, to reach their own next step in evolution, if and only if, as I think it turns out … they remain committed to truth in whatever way they understand it.  Realization of the elegant simplicity of ‘beautiful truth’ remains a cultural culmination of universal holographic reality for all fourth and fifth echelon humans—of which, like stars and Goldilocks Planets for them, there are a very, very large number in our galaxy—even if, as it is said, “Planets with evolved intelligent life are still rare.”

It is the higher human way to be curious about all this, to learn and be swayed by real facts, perhaps first disguised in mythic contents, not yet revealed to generations in previous historical epochs on our own glorious planetary island in space/time, but now being offered again.  It will probably take others of still later future generations to really unpack this new legacy from the stars (and the depths of soulful conscience), but at least we will have revealed some small part of the story by calling for a rearrangement of the puzzle pieces of progress as our dear Pleiadian and Sirian family and friends monitor us from behind the scenes of their future perspective as among their willing ambassadors, attempting to share a few pointers for a more knowledgeable and awakened awareness among the bewildering array of choices facing Earthumans in our high stakes free-for-all game—now being handled so irresponsibly—with its eventually inevitable existential consequences.  Awareness of this post-modern UFO/ET story is the beginning of attaining insight into the most urgent and complex developments of our time.

These ET watchers naturally wonder what it will take to bring Earthumans to their senses to prevent the various conspiratorial elites within the regimes of failing inclusive leadership of still rapidly increasing populations to descend further into the militaristic self-destructive downward spiral.  Our ETs vow to prevent a final doomsday loss of Earth as a habitable planet, not because they believe it will correct the folly of Earthumans exploiting each other for personal, racial or elite-group advantage, but because it will disrupt necessary energy currents coming and going far out in the cosmos beyond Earth—since Earth is the last habitable planet in the Sol System that has not yet already been destroyed—like Mars and Malona, which we call the “Asteroid Belt.”  We have been told Mars will be terraformed for habitation as an adjunct for our relentlessly expanding population, but it will take at least a century—so we have to try to find the emergency brake in any event.

So, here are a few new online conference voices describing a multidimensional space-time chess game, which I have discovered—or rather, that has discovered me … “on the fly”—along with some others you may also have heard about, which I can only hope will be of timely interest to at least some of my more savvy contemporaries … perhaps other hybrids (high birds) or contactees like us … or anyone else who might find these word-screens in cyberspace … like some of the readers whose curiosity may be or already has been piqued by our and other books already published.  I still have quite a lot to learn as a website publisher but have now begun steering the path for a modest media presence that can be directed from a laptop, which will hopefully be supplemented with more of our latest ET conferences soon after the transcripts are completed.  I naturally would like the wares to appear inviting enough for anyone to come back from time to time to see … what’s up and what’s going down.  So in the meantime, try to keep your high-energy electrons flowing and neurotransmitters pumping … until you can return for another sampling …


*           *           *           *