Telepresence Conference 21

September 3, 2011


The main part of the session is devoted to Ted’s questions for Semjase about restoring various censored passages in the first editions of Wendelle Steven’s Message from the Pleiades, Volumes 1 and 2, for Ted’s second-edition ebooks. Julie notes her presence almost immediately, and when Ted asks if she is wearing her normal spacesuit, Julie is rather surprised to note that for the first time, she is indeed wearing a very unusual green dress, probably also very fashionable, at least for Pleiadian women of her time. Semjase says she is permitted to wear “civilian” clothes at times of her choice. Before they are done, Michael appears to speak for the first time, and Hilarion describes the machinations of the secret government in the ominous “War in Heaven” being conducted by it against Earth and its benevolent protective ETs.


The transcript is open-text, speaker-identified paragraphs with short remarks and comments of the other speaker placed in-line in corner brackets (“< … >“). This session was done by phone with Julie at her house in Pagosa Springs, CO and Ted at his house in Avery, CA. After a brief induction visualization by Ted, Julie begins speaking …

*      *      *

Julie– Well, today was interesting; I was down to the bottom of the escalator before you finished talking … you’re there with me. We are who we are in this [current] time, and we’re … it’s as if this sort of setting has happened before. It’s similar to the place or feeling when we did the reading just before with Hilarion. Now we’re down at the bottom of the steps. The animals are all here with us, and we’re going into a room … straight ahead would be 12 o’clock, so this would be like 1 o’clock … there’s a door to a big conference room, like a place … so we’re walking in there, and there’s a whole bunch of people seated in this room today, even though I think you were probably expecting or hoping it might look different since you may have only expected to be having a session primarily with Semjase.

Semjase’s there (!). <Oh, good!> So, just to say that she is definitely there … however this works as a projection or whatever it is. We’re walking into the room, and we’re seated now, kind-of with our backs to the door. This looks like a fabulous room, like a big library type of room. I would guess it’s maybe twenty feet square—20’ x 20’, and there are book shelves floor to ceiling on all the walls. The only place there aren’t books is the doorway. <Wow> There are …

Ted– [interrupts] Does Semjase seem to be wearing her normal kind of spacesuit or does she look at all different today?

Julie– [with feeling] What a good question—she isn’t wearing her normal spacesuit (!), now that I look at her. [pause] She’s dressed in something we might call … not like anything we’d probably see here … it’s green, like a very pretty … ah, I don’t know … I don’t have a color to tell you … it’s not among the things I would normally think of. Maybe it’s lime green, a pale lime green would be the best way to describe it. It’s lighter … her hair is shorter; it comes just literally to her shoulders, instead of the way it looked in the picture I’ve seen of her … in the other pictures [sketches] I’ve seen of her.

Julie’s sketch of Semjase in her unusual dress

Her green is very different than what I think of as the Hilarion green or, interestingly enough, of the Ariel green. That’s interesting, as I just think of it, there’s a consistency of green … Did I ever make that connection before? <Part of the “harmony,” I think> Did I ever make that connection before that Ariel is green and Hilarion is green? They’re very different colors … <Yes right, there are so many different greens.> I just can’t remember … so anyway, it’s a very interesting observation.

I just wanted to say, too, that one wall … it’s floor to ceiling books shoved into this library here, and they’re books … not like anything I’ve ever seen before. I have the sense that this is the present or “real time” at a place that could actually exist. One wall also has a big picture window in it that’s rectangular, looking out onto a very beautiful setting. However, it looks very much like the meadow that I’ve gone to in the Star Table meetings. “Yes,” they’re telling me, “that’s right.” We’re in a different building in a different place than the Star Table location where we’ve gone so many times before.

So, we’re in the same positions where we always sat when we went to the Star Table room. You are on my left, and somebody is beside you that I don’t recognize, so let me go around the table. Semjase is next to that person. Next to Semjase is the SoLaRaan person. The person that looks like the Atlantean sort of Indian White Eagle person [White Wing], Lysah, Asafah, Jhinda, Samael … and the table is rectangular. Did I say that? <…only the window, not the table.> Big, like walnut colored, so Jhinda, Samael; Hilarion and Athena are next to each other today; and then Ariel and Michael. They’re all four at the top of this rectangular table.

Julie’s sketches of SoLaRaan, White Wing, Lysah & Asafah and Jhinda

Julie’s sketches of Samael, Hilarion & Athena and Ariel & Michael

You and I are at the bottom, and there’s somebody I don’t recognize sitting next to you on your left. So, moving around the table … the White Lions are next to Ariel. Rhi and Phindar and the Arcturian person is next to Phindar, MuRaNu … it’s like we’ve got a full house today … MuRaNu is next to Phindar … ah, the Indian/Atlantean-like person who was one of my former lives, is there. <A female person?> She’s female; I don’t remember her name; I think we got it in the session we did with those … where they showed up the first time. I don’t remember her name [Hilatha] … <Ok> She reminds me very much of Sacajawea, just in the way she’s presented. Then the being Jedhi … the two Sirians are here today as well. <Oh, my goodness … wow.> And then … oh my gosh! It’s the lion … your lion being is next to you!

  • Julie’s sketches of White Lions and Rhi & Phindar and MuRaNu

Ted– Oh, my goodness! [laughs] I’ve been thinking about that lion life lately, so that might be something new for me to find out about before too much longer.

Julie– Sorry, so it was Jedhi, and then that being … those two Sirian beings that we met last time are here [Onyion and Nylah], and then that being I think of as the male Hathor, is also here on what feels like my side of the table. How many is that? This table is big (!).

Ted– Twenty-four altogether, I think … yeah, that’s a real conference, all right.

Ted’s photograph symbol of Jedhi and Julie’s sketches of Onyion & Nyla

Julie– Have we ever had this many before? I’m not even sure … and did I say MuRaNu yet? <Yes> Just a minute … there’s somebody right beside me that’s female whom I do not remember before. [pause] This is a new one for me. You’ve had your lion before—we just met your lion. Well, the one next to me is quite ethereal; everything about her is white. She’s got very long white hair; she’s dressed completely in white. She’s wearing a crown, which is of some metal; it looks like a tiara, and it has stones in it that look like diamonds. She’s wearing long flowy robes, and her skin is quite pale as well. Just a minute … she says her name is … it’s spelled like, I Y S A N D R A, like … “Isandra” or “Esandra.” <Uh-huh, that’s an interesting name.> And her eyes (!), her eyes are like the palest color of iris I’ve ever seen, as if to compensate for their paleness, the irises are bigger—more like a cat.

Ted– Wow (!), and what color are the eyes?

Julie– They’re like a very, very pale amber, almost … <Amber …?> They’re almost yellow. <Hmm> Oh, my goodness, so she’s telling me she’s a hybrid of the … she’s from Sirius also and is a hybrid of … she was actually the mate of this lion being you were in that time … and was a hybrid of what were called the Crystal People and the Lion People. <Oh, wow!> She looks more human … humanoid, but those eyes! Oh, my gosh, she just showed me her hands which look more like paws. <Oh, my god [laughs]> So she’s a hybrid of the white lions[1] and these other humans from … oh, for goodness sakes … I tell you, every time they spring something new like this on me that … ok, that’s everybody here now. We’ve got all these mates represented today. Ok, let’s go.

Ted– Why don’t you see if you can find a way to begin with someone there who might appear ready … with any priority message we might hear first?

Julie– I’m just having the sense that you should begin with Semjase … you should begin with her.

Ted– Right, maybe she would like to finish early …? <Maybe so … because she’s often busy.> Yes, she tends to stay busy … Well, I’m very pleased to greet Semjase and am very grateful to have her with us today. My intent would be to ask her some questions about the few remaining issues I have in finishing my second edition ebook version of Message from the Pleiades, Volumes 1 and 2. Starting with V. 1, there’s not much remaining except for a few small details. So, let’s first look at Contact 31, which is the long account of the voyage to the edge of the Universe in which Billy has his reunion with Asket, and towards the end everyone is together, and Semjase and Billy are talking with Asket about various things … and they mutually understand that it’s ok to take a picture of Asket because she’s not going to be coming to Earth again for a long time. So the picture gets taken, and then they have a long discussion that was completely left out of Wendelle’s first print book edition—Wendelle may not have received the information himself. So, there’s about a half dozen sentences by Semjase and almost all of the discussion by Asket, nearly seventy-five sentences, have been removed. Is there anything that Semjase might be able to add today about that reunion meeting that could be made public?

Julie– I want to tell you for the record, when we got to this point, and you began speaking, I had a physical sensation, which I don’t remember if I had the same one when we did this before with her … the best way I can describe it: it felt like somebody stuck something down through the top of my head … <[laughs] Oh, my …!> and my whole body almost became numb. <I hope you’re ok …?> I don’t know how to describe it, but I feel like … just for the record to seem more authentic—whether or not it’s true—whether it’s my mind creating it … I wanted to tell you for the record, it was like a combination of an enhanced connection as well as something to almost make my body immobile.

Ted– Well, that does sound like a bit much …

Julie– Ok, she looks really lovely today. I mean, I know about all your imaginings, but she’s wearing this beautiful green dress, and the sleeves have been done in a very … unusual way on the shoulders—they’re divided into three standing sections of fabric. I don’t know what to call it. Her hair looks a bit lighter than I remember it, and she’s smiling and saying, thank you for noticing … [laughs] and it’s shorter, as if it’s been styled into something else. I just had to tell you that. All right.

Semjase’s unusual dress

She’s telling me that she permitted Billy to take a picture of herself at that time, and Asket also took a picture of the two of them, <Oh, good (!)> together, and that he has those, and they have never been made public … and might never be. The nature of the discussion that they had between the three of them, they felt, was very personal, and it was left out on purpose and should remain so.

Ted– Ok. This is just an incidental question I thought of last night … was Semjase involved with Wendelle himself in leaving some of these things out, or were the things Wendelle left out his own call for what he felt should not be published?

Julie– She wants to say, and you can put this in the record if you choose, that they all had the highest regard for Wendelle and that when they monitored him, as it were, she was able at some points to make suggestions, and that Wendelle sensed … Wendelle sensed his own mental contact … a telepathic contact with her and others, but went to his grave disappointed that he had never witnessed anything physical.

Ted– Yeah, I know, that’s what he said to me too the last time I saw him. Would it be possible, just very quickly to reveal something about Wendelle, whether he had been any famous person we would recognize historically in some former lifetime?

Julie– Well, she’s saying that it would serve no purpose other than our curiosity at this point … perhaps another time … but she’s saying just to satisfy your curiosity a bit … in many lives Wendelle has been a person of great character and service.

Ted– Ok, very nice … I’ll go to my next question then. There’s a section here—also in Contact 31—where Billy asks a very complicated question having to do with the appearances of the saints, and Semjase has a very long section cut out, like almost eighty sentences, and then she becomes a little irritated that he has so many questions that don’t seem relevant. Billy then asks the question … “How do you do it? Is it just a matter of having ‘better brains’?” And she tries to explain how physical brains work and so forth, describing the differences between herself and more advanced beings, and then says, “It is nearer to the existence than to the life.” So she makes this interesting distinction between the existence and the life … and then something like twenty sentences are missing in which she presumably continues to discuss the meaning of this distinction that would seem to be a rather interesting philosophical one, as I have attempted to describe her philosophical attitude as one that is seemingly close to what we call … Existentialism. I’m wondering if she would like to comment about any of this or whether she would also like to begin to describe what was taken out after she made that distinction.

Julie– One thing she wants to say is that part of the discussion centered around … and part of what was removed was … a discussion about certain saints who were actual ETs or who were actually advanced persons or hybrid ETs or had other things going for them, so there was a discussion about that, and then she’s saying, as you might expect, Billy wanted her to be specific about who and which they were, etc., and there was a bit of that, but it was taken out later because it was felt to be more controversial than it needed to be in there on top of everything else. So it was removed. Just a second … [pause] Well, what she’s saying is that she would really like for you to try to receive the transmission about your question. <Ok> And … either decide to fill it in or see if you can tune in, either with her or with Lysah or Asafah, or even Phindar for this philosophical piece that is of interest to you. <Ok> She’s saying it isn’t really critical to the material as it has been published, but they’re wanting you … they’re still wanting you to work on developing your capabilities in this regard.

Ted– Ok, that’s an interesting, fair and welcome invitation, so I will try to follow through later … Shall I go on to my next point, then?

Julie– She just wants to say one more thing: that you already have an understanding of what she was saying in this regard, that you understood it, and that it would probably be worthwhile to be open to the transmission of receiving it.

Ted– Ok, that would be really lovely. Shall I go on then? <Yes> Then, my next item, also from the same long Contact 31, relates to a slightly frustrating section to leave the way it was, in which Wendelle has a note saying that the discussion “turned to other things,” and Meier illustrated a point he was trying to make with one of his proverbs and says, “This broke the tense situation, and Semjase laughed. The conversation then became more relaxed, and Meier dared a personal remark …” Then comes the deletion, and when the dialogue comes back, Semjase is laughing and says, “I think that is a funny expression.” And then Billy says, “Now at least you have something to grin about again.” And she continues to laugh and says, “This is really funny. I would like to make use of this expression if you would permit me.” Billy then says, “Well, it doesn’t belong to me, you know; it’s already part of your own heritage.” But oddly, it’s not revealed in the text what the actual proverb or expression was that she thought was so funny, and I was hoping she would now be able to tell us.

Julie– She’s laughing … [J&T both laugh, too] Well, this is very strange. I’m going to tell you what I’m hearing … I have no idea if it makes any sense in the context of what the rest of it is about, and I don’t know how this would work from German to English, but she’s saying the equivalent in English is, “A stitch in time saves nine.”

Ted– [laughs] Oh, that’s great!

Julie– [amused] Does that make any sense?

Ted– I’m not sure to be honest, but it is very funny.

Julie– She’s laughing, so of course I don’t know what the German equivalent of that might be …

Ted– Is it a literal translation from German, or is it a somewhat more distant …? <No> “proverb” … that would mean the same kind of thing?

Julie– No, she’s saying it’s the English equivalent. I can’t get the German. Maybe we could find somebody who could answer that question, but she’s saying that it would be the English equivalent of the German proverbial expression.

Ted– Well ok, that is funny enough. I thank her so much for that, and have another quick question for her, which is that we have learned from these Message from the Pleiades books that the only Earth language that she had learned was German, evidently to have these sessions with Eduard Meier, but I’m wondering, if in the meantime, she has found it interesting, in terms of Earth languages, for herself to have learned any others, and of course in particular whether she would have found English engaging enough to have ventured further into—since she appears to be able to understand us easily enough (?).

Julie– She’s saying she has enough English to get by in these sessions. In the meantime she has also learned Arabic.

Ted– Wow! Really? Well, that is very interesting (!). This then, concludes my questions for Volume 1.

I’m going on to Volume 2 which has many more puzzling things left out, and the problem of Volume 2, unlike Volume 1, was that Wendelle never released his original “transliteration” document made from German to English by the “student” living with Billy, because, as he apologetically admitted to me, he lost track of it sometime later. Wendelle told me that this transliteration of Volume 2 had been taken by somebody—possibly stolen—and he never knew who it was, and he never knew where or how to find it. So there are quite a few missing sections from Volume 2, many of which I’m simply going to glance over today because they are either small one-sentence fragments for which it is not evident why Wendelle would have ever thought he needed to take them out, but perhaps he felt he had reason enough to do so. I will therefore just go to a few major ones, the first being in Contact 36.

This has to do with a situation in which Billy is very interested in other contactees on Earth that might be discovered, who are or were authentic and reliable, rather than belonging to the odd group of pretenders and deceivers that confused him so much. In some ways I’m also interested in this regarding my own situation around that time when I went to Switzerland in 1972 as a student at the Carl Jung Institut in Zurich shortly before Meier’s contactee experiences with Semjase began in 1975. Then, in about 1980 or ’81 I felt like I was called back to Switzerland for reasons I couldn’t really understand, and I had the feeling that something was going on out in the area where Billy actually lived at the time—and still does—but that, when I did so, I was’nt able to understand what it was or what to make of it.

So, later on when I read Volume 2, I thought that perhaps I was one of those contactees that Semjase might have helped arrange to get to Switzerland to meet Billy, who also might have had some kind of mission to fulfill or who had some kind of contactee experience to report. So, I’m wondering if she can tell us something more about this. Semjase makes the statement there at the place in question, “This I am not able to decide by myself because there are too many important factors contained therein about which I do not have unlimited range of action. In this respect I will talk to the others and tell you of our decision.” That is, presumably a decision about making available the names of these people to him, which might have included me—if indeed, since I would have been only a minor contactee at the time. There’s only one sentence missing here, but if she would like to comment about any of this … now nearly forty years later?

Julie– [laughs] At this point she’s frowning … so, just a minute, let me get this. She’s saying, yes, your attraction to Switzerland had to do with a connection, a lifelong connection, and understanding of something that was happening there where these things were occurring. She’s saying that part of your connection was already present there at that stage in the relationship with Phindar and Rhi, as we’ve been told we’ve had our whole lives. Oh, my goodness (!) … Oh my goodness! I’m sorry … and now Rhi and Phindar are smiling. She says that my memories of being taken to this place underwater for “schooling” that I remember … were comparable, but that you were taken in a similar way to Switzerland. <Wow!> You do not have conscious memories of that, but you were taken in a different way than we can understand in time and space, so you had a very strong link with Switzerland from an early age. And that … two things were happening simultaneously: you were being drawn there in your conscious waking life because you had a link with it in your sleeping/ dreaming life.

Ted– Yes, I had fantastic dreams when I was there—really amazing!

Julie– Well, it’s not clear to me … it’s as if these two things were happening at once: you were really drawn there strongly, but not meant to go or … “not meant to go to find Billy” … is what I’m hearing her say.

Ah, you were working out … trying to work out consciously … she’s just saying … don’t minimize your experience as a contactee. Her frustration with Billy at the time had to with his wanting to try to track people down to share his experiences with them and … well, she’s saying in hindsight … “They would have done things differently …” and that they also realize now how difficult it was with all the human factors involved. Well, what she’s saying to me is in a sense that you were drawn there for your own reasons to try to reconcile in your conscious mind what was and had been happening to you over a long period of time. And that, had you known consciously what was going on “just over the hill,” you would have made your way there, but that … she’s saying, as has been said to you before, “You have your own experience with this material that is more important in your life, in the sense of what your own mission is.” <Ok> But apparently you were taken there to Switzerland in the same way as a child as I was to my “night school.”

Ted– Yeah, I loved it; I really felt at home there … and of course I was greatly impressed by the people at the C.G. Jung Institut and benefited greatly from reading all the Jung material and living in Zurich which was quite an exciting and wonderful place in the early Seventies.

Julie– She’s smiling and saying, “He was an ET hybrid.” <Jung was?> Yeah. <Oh, wow!> That’s not a surprise, is it? <No, not really …> Not Pleiadian, though. <Not Pleiadian, hmm …> Arcturian, she’s telling me.

Ted– Oh, wow … If you’re hearing more, I’ll wait, otherwise you can tell me to go on with my next question.

Julie– Well, what she’s saying now is, she knew you wanted to know that and felt it was important, but what she wants you to understand is that she’ll continue, but that for the rest of it … if there’s something personal you wish to know, she will answer, but for the rest of the volume, there’s nothing that needs to be altered.

Ted– Oh … well, that makes it easy. [laughs] <Are you all right with that?> Ah, yes, if she can see that’s the case, it’s an easy way to resolve it … Yes, then …good enough.

Julie– Well, that’s what she’s saying … unless there’s anything you’re really dying to know, which—she’s laughing—she might not tell you anyway … [laughs, too] sorry, that was funny.

Ted– Well … maybe she could just comment briefly on this next item because I know that you, Julie, were also interested, feeling you had some connection with Moses in Egypt … but there’s a sentence here in which Billy says, “Now tell me, what is this matter of Moses and Fatima in connection with Ashtar Sheran …” and then there are four sentences left out in which she tells him something about the appearances at Fatima, and now we would both like to know if the appearances at Fatima were actually part of the deceptions by the Gizeh Intelligences or whether there was something more to it … that might have involved Moses (?).

Julie– Well, she had a big sigh … she said that many apparitions … most apparitions that have been thought of as “miraculous” were actually accomplished through advanced technology, <Really?> and that were in fact arranged by ETs. One famous one was the overshadowing of Jesus/ Jmmanuel … this, I think, was the baptism by John … she’s saying the star supposedly the Magi followed was a space ship, and that …

Ted– This would be very upsetting to many pious people, of course.

Julie– Well, what she’s saying is that it’s a really complicated matter indeed because apparently there were efforts made by the Gizeh Intelligences to use these miraculous-seeming manifestations to control people or to create a sort of mass hypnosis, but there are certain, and she would prefer not to spend a long time saying which is which … <Yes of course …> but that there were many and interestingly enough, the ones in … Oh, this is interesting … she’s telling me that the ones that happened in Zaitun, Egypt, in Cairo, were meant to be positive and counteract some of the negative manifestations by these so-called “Gizeh Intelligences,” and they chose that spot because it was in Egypt.

So, it’s as if there was sort-of “dueling apparitions” going on with some meant to be helpful and some meant to be controlling. They weren’t all of one kind … <Uh-huh, good. Well, I know she may be needing to leave …> just a second, because I wasn’t finished with that one. The thing with Moses has to do with an apparition or vision that took place much earlier in the time of Moses, something that he saw, that he believed, and … this is big and complicated … and we’ll be told more about it later, <Ok> but it is related to the Ark of the Covenant.

Ted– Ok, very good. There’s also a remark here a little later in Contact 37 about beings from Zeta Reticuli … there’s a missing section there, and she doesn’t really need to fill that in of course, but I’m wondering if she could give us a quick update on the Zetas that she describes a little here to Billy, that they came from a place thirty-seven light years away from Earth and so forth, and that their space ships are similar to those of the Pleiadians … does she feel like telling us anything more about what was taken out there or can she tell us something about the current situation about the Zeta mission on Earth?

Julie– What she’s saying is just that they have been prevented from “harvesting” for some time, but they are still involved in the overall picture because they, like other ETs, have a long history with Earth.

Ted– Uh-huh, so their hybridization experiments that we thought were so shocking at first, now may seem less threatening because this hybridization process is actually more common around the galaxy with various kinds of experiments than we had imagined and will have their own natural kinds of outcomes.

Julie– Yes, that’s right, and that those beings are not demonic or evil. Others have been much more harmful, like the ones from Orion, but that they in their own way … different from the Pleiadians, but in their own way, only believed that they were … she’s saying they traveled from their present to their past—our present—to be able to alter their future, <Umm> and they’re still very much in the picture, but are not abducting people at this time.

Ted– Well, that would seem to be good. Do you think she’s finished with that? <Yes> My next question may perhaps be a little easier or more immediate, having to do with her comment that she often finds the music that’s produced here on Earth to be somewhat unpleasant for her to experience—or perhaps even quite difficult—but she does evidently hear it from time to time, and I’m wondering if she could tell us a little more about what kind of Earth music she might like, if any, or what kind she doesn’t … or what she was actually referring to there in this context?

Julie– I got a big sigh. She says it’s extremely complicated, and she’s saying that the music, the Pleiadian music of her time is much more harmonic and resonant. She’s saying the way that she might be able to explain it is that much Earth music that she didn’t like … well, she’s saying that Pleiadian musicians or artists are very aware of how music and frequency engages the different parts of the chakra system, and that she found much Earth music “disturbing” because it only engages the lower chakras, and not in a way that resonated with the higher chakras, and that the kind of music that she really likes, activates the higher chakras.

Ted– Um-hum, and would she say that would also be the case for some of the classical or Romantic composers like Bach, Mozart and Beethoven? <She liked them.> Oh, good, so perhaps the American psychedelic or electronic music of the Sixties and Seventies is the kind of unappealing music that she might have been referring to?

Julie– She said that much Earth music is literally damaging to the physical vehicle, and that it’s very difficult to be around.

Ted– Yes, I think I understand what she probably means. Then that’s fine, and I would like to thank her for that response. I think the next one will also be easy for her to answer, even if it may not be very important. In Contact 45 there is a place where she asks Billy to go to Zurich and purchase something for her and gives him Deutsche Marks to do so, and I’m just wondering if she can tell us what she needed to have him buy that she couldn’t go out and find herself since it is believed that she did occasionally appear in public, and presumably could buy anything she wanted?

Julie– She said … this is really funny … it’s the first time this has happened. She’s trying to remember the circumstances. <[laughs]> So I don’t know if that might make this seem more or less real, but it’s as if she’s trying to go back in her own memory and recall what it was. It wasn’t the only time this happened apparently.

Ted– Oh, ok—it’s probably not very important. She doesn’t have to linger over finding the correct time and place. It was just a curiosity that might have been interesting to know …

Julie– I’m getting the sense it was something very mundane, and maybe even a supply of … I can’t … it was some kind of simple Earthuman thing. She doesn’t remember; isn’t that funny?

Ted– [laughs] Yes, it is. In that case then—if she still has time—I’ll just mention a situation that comes up in Contact 55, which might not be so important either, but I will use it as a segue into what we are going to want to talk about a little later. There is a description there in which the Gizeh Intelligences apparently had a base on the Jupiterian moon Ganymede, which as Semjase describes it, is a little planet with metallic ores but is not otherwise inhabited. Billy asks her about it, and she has a fairly long forty sentence response that was removed, which might not be so important today, but now that we have this Comet Elenin of which we think we have seen a video, that shows something that looks like a disturbance in that region near Jupiter that might have altered its trajectory—what looks like a huge energy discharge of some kind—I’m going to combine these situations and ask if it’s possible that other ETs might still have that base on Ganymede or whether indeed the Pleiadians might have been involved with changing the course of this comet in recent weeks (?).

Julie– The reason she’s saying it was removed had to do with the secret government and the technology that was being developed and the possibility that some of Earth’s secret-government dark forces would attack that location. It was removed for security reasons. <The Comet Elenin was removed …?> No, no, the information about Ganymede. <Oh … of course.> What was in the original contact was removed for security reasons and should remain out. <I see, ok. It still needs to remain unknown?> Yes. Well, it’s … she said you could put in what I just said. <Ok, that’s good.> She said the specific content was removed at the time to keep the information … and that that was true apparently of other things, because of others who were either infiltrating or trying to monitor some of the information … the biggest threat to Billy was coming from the secret governmentnot the military, even though they were also involved.

Ted– And by that she’s referring to secret American Government operations? <Well, it’s apparently worldwide.> Worldwide … yes, exactly. That’s still so critical a circumstance for me to realize. Well, I have one last quick question if she still has time, in which I would just request a simple clarification, and this also goes to Contact 55 in which there is a brief remark where she says that Atlantis was governmentally divided into two regions called “Greater Atlantis” and “Lesser Atlantis,” which she has told us a great deal about. Lesser Atlantis, as she says, was destroyed some six thousand years after Greater Atlantis, by which I presume she means the Santorini [also called Thera] volcanic explosion, and I’m wondering if Santorini was also destroyed in some organized way rather than by naturalistic phenomenon when the hot magma chamber was penetrated by sea water resulting in the huge explosion and tsunami (?).

Julie– Well, she’s saying it’s more complicated than that, and that more than one island was involved in the Lesser Atlantis story that she was describing, but that’s correct in terms of the location, now called the Greek Islands. It was, she says, a natural disaster. It was not caused by anything “artificial.” <Nor human caused in some way?> No, not human caused—it was a natural disaster.

Ted– Ok. So, is your energy holding up ok?

[After a short pause Julie stops the recorder, attends to an errand at her house, and then restarts the audio recorder.]

Julie– I’m getting tired, but we’ll go on … so this will be part 2 of Session 21 on 9-3-11, and I think we’re ok now. Lindsay taught me that I can stay in trance and take care of little chores like this. Do you remember where we were?

Ted– Well, I had just finished with my last question for Semjase, which was a good place to have that break since we probably needed to have one. And I assume that everyone is still there, including Semjase, and I would like to acknowledge my feeling of gratitude to her for answering these questions and inquire of her very briefly if there’s anything else she would like to tell me or add for the second edition of the Message from the Pleiades books, now that I’ve asked my specific questions for Volumes 1 and 2 (?).

Julie– What she’s saying to me is … she just wants to repeat what she has said before, that she appreciates what you’re doing, but your own part of the story has become the more important thing.

Ted– I am slowly beginning to realize this, and I do appreciate her advice to help me understand better …

Julie– They all want you to work on your own telepathic and intuitive receptivity in this, and they’re apparently pleased with us and how it’s all going.

Ted– All right, we’ll go ahead with a few more questions. I regret that I can’t see how really lovely she looks today in her green dress, which as far as I know, has never been witnessed by anyone, including Billy; that is, seeing her appearing dressed in anything but her space suit. [laughs]

Julie– Well, it was interesting that you asked about it in the beginning because I’m not sure I would have noticed it; but then—it was instantly clear (!). So she’s smiling and saying it was an aspect of your own intuition that you felt, and it [the green dress] was something her duties apparently allow her to wear … what she’s saying we would call “civilian clothes.” [Both laugh.]

Ted– Well, in closing I would just like to tell her that I’m grateful to understood more about her inclinations and feelings about some of these issues, which she has shared with us, of how she would wish to be presented, understood and remembered by Earth people who might be interested, or know about her role in the Meier mission—of course in particular that she desires not to be “deified.” I do realize more about the uncomfortable nature of this situation for her and am closer to appreciating her attitude about it, although, as I have said recently, she may also be a bit “modest” in her own way—perhaps not completely unlike Billy—because she will never be anything but … a quite amazing “ultrahuman” for us who have read or will read the Message from the Pleiades books. We believe she will always remain a greatly-admired “star woman” because anyone who understands the more accurate picture of her in this soon-to-appear 2nd edition version of Wendelle’s Message from the Pleiades, will appreciate her extraordinary efforts on our behalf—and will indeed likely experience loving feelings for her.

Julie– [softly] Yes. She is saying to me … [laughs] “As Hilarion might say to you, ‘… but she doesn’t want you to compound the felony.’

Ted– [Starts to laugh but quickly trails off] I’m not sure I completely understand what that means …

Julie– “… to do the same thing that was done to Jmmanuel.”[2]

Ted– Ooh (!) … right. Well, perhaps someday we can take a little more time to try to understand more of her actual role behind the scenes, beyond what we have learned in the books about this major mission with Billy … <Yes … ok.> In any event, we are most grateful for our time with her today.

Julie– She’s nodding and smiling. So, I think she’s going to leave us now.

Ted– Ok, I assumed it would soon be time …

Julie– Then, where are we in our question sequence?

Ted– Now we’re going to a couple of other questions for discussion with others there. Perhaps someone could give us an update on the situation with this Comet Elenin that you have been sleuthing out on the Internet, which a lot of people are watching, to give us some notion of what is going on, particularly whether it is connected to the movement of this brown-dwarf Tyche that has also been described to us, and which in particular is now moving closer to our solar system.

Julie– It’s the being SoLaRaan who is speaking. Remember? He’s the science guy, <Yes> and Hilarion is also going to speak. SoLaRaan is saying, from the scientific point of view, or what we would call the astronomical point of view … he doesn’t wish to get into too much complexity for purposes of this session … they don’t wish to get into all the details of orbital dynamics, <Of course …> but that what we have been told before about the brown dwarf [Astraea] and its orbit in relationship with our sun … is true and accurate. More will be known about this before very long, as we have been told, even before the end of the year. He’s saying that it’s true, but that it actually has nothing to do with this comet Elenin; in other words this brown dwarf did not … is not responsible for the comet, <Ok> as we have thought. And we can ask more about that at another session.

Hilarion also wishes to speak, and he’s saying that there are very disturbing things occurring … that there is a “War in Heaven” going on … <Oh, wow (!)> between the ETs and the secret government … <[amazed laughter] What? … wow!> about things that have not been disclosed before … that the dark forces are making what may be a “last-stand” attempt to control the Earth. They’ve made other attempts, too … they were behind the disinformation about an alien invasion force … a scenario that they have very much wanted to try. They have also been willing to try the scenario of dislodging asteroids or meteorites that could do tremendous damage, <Oh, my god!> to get martial law. Their scenarios of escalation have become rather extreme. Hilarion is saying that there are literally millions of different facets of information on our Internet on this subject. So, apparently what we saw [in the NASA video] was originating from the ETs—they do not want me to know who … It was a show of force displaying their capabilities, and that they are not going to permit these dark forces to take over in the way they think they could have.

Ted– Oh, that is really great news!

Julie– It’s not going to necessarily be overt unless they don’t back down. Much has to unfold on Earth as it needs to karmically, including global financial collapse, including increasing disasters, and that some of the heating-up of the planet does come from the approach of the binary, and that this will continue, but part of the effect is to cause humanity to act like one human race. <Wow (!)> There is … well, what Hilarion is basically saying to me is that the acceleration of the changes, the acceleration of the intensity, is going to increase …

They want to help us to be together. There could be challenges that we’ll face in this regard because of disruptions that may occur. It’s not going to be the worst case scenario on the planet; however, it’s going to get worse before things begin to turn around. The advice to “be prepared” would be well taken. The ancient prophecies were true, but the karma has gone in another way for the mass consciousness of humanity. Hilarion is saying, no matter how it looks, as Ohron from Arcturus has said before, things are actually moving towards the positive … and we should have hope and take heart.

Ted– Well, these are really powerful messages today!

Julie– So now, it’s the being Michael who wants to speak, who’s never appeared before. <Wow!> This is so interesting to me because Ariel and Michael used to often come as a team to me in my meditations, so I wondered for a long time why he was not there now. And so, he wants to tell you, like she has told me, that they represent us from the distant future when we have attained a level of mastery that … we probably can’t even imagine yet. <[softly] Yeah …> So, he’s now another part of your future self you’re able to call upon, like she is for me. <Wow!> And it’s actually pronounced the way it is for the Archangel Michael [Mē´-chī-él], <[repeats it]> like she is Ariel [Ah-rī´-él].

Ted– It is indeed a great and beautiful name (!).

Julie– So, Athena wants to say something now, and I think that’s all who are going to speak today. She wants me to know that I am not concerned without reason, and that I also do not worry without reason because there could be many disruptions, and she wants you to know that you should pay close attention to your intuition. They’re not directing you to do anything differently. She says, as Hilarion has told you, to behave in some ways as if your “hill were on fire,” at least from the standpoint of listening and paying attention. <Yes, right … ok.> It may not be a problem, and yet things could change quickly. They do not even know …

Ted– I assume it’s not a literal fire danger …?

Julie– It’s not literal; it’s the sense of urgency that if you feel it, you should act upon it. And they’re saying, they don’t even know … and so much is happening, apparently a lot of it has to do with whether the dark forces will fight to the death or will admit a loss and retreat. Numerous scenarios could unfold, and they can’t tell us because they don’t know … it’s all still very much in play. But at this point they will not allow a big asteroid or meteorite to hit Earth.

Ted– Well, that’s good (!) … really good to hear. We’re encouraged, I think (?), and naturally would probably not want to know if it were going to be the “worst case scenario.” So, if that seems sufficient, then we can move on to a couple of quick questions, maybe the first one won’t be so quick, but if you’re able to continue on, if you’re still feeling energized enough to do a couple more questions …?

Julie– Well, let’s see what they are … I have a hideous headache. <You have a headache …?> Yeah, I don’t know if that’s a result of what I was doing with Semjase when it felt like some big thing was inside my head or whether I’m just getting tired, but go ahead and ask, and I’ll tell you if I think I have the energy for it.

Ted– Ok, I’ll take this simple one that is slightly humorous or … maybe not, but I have a curious feeling that since Julie and I are both somewhat less well financially disposed than we would like, and since gold has become so valuable, and since I’m living in the Motherlode where so much gold was once found, I couldn’t help but think of asking this question whether we could be directed to find some … remaining gold that would not be too difficult to extract somewhere in this region … that would help our financial condition (?).

Julie– Hilarion said to try using a pendulum and dowsing a map.

Ted– Map dowsing is the answer … ok. That would seem to be a good answer.

Julie– And once you dowse the map and find the location, you could probably use a metal detector, <[brightening] Ok …> or even use your pendulum on the Earth.

Ted– Um-hmm, ok, [laughing] so there’s no way to be directed to a particular area to look at … for the map dowsing or in person, I presume? <Do you have a plat map of your land?> I have just under seven acres, and there’s probably no gold near the surface in the area where my place is, but there are some areas nearby that might still have some nuggets hiding under boulders or something like that, and so in some ways this is just a kind of experiment to see whether, first of all, it would be permitted for them to actually tell us where gold might be located, and then whether Pleiadians, or others, might have detection devices or technology to locate precious metals …

Julie– Well, any result would be communicated directly to you as you sat in front of a map. Begin with your county, he’s saying, and you might even find something on your own land … <Really?> Um-hmm.

Ted– Wow, ok, I hadn’t thought that it would be realistic … I’ll start with that.

Julie– Begin with your county, and call them in as you sit with the map.

Ted– Who should I call?

Julie– Call in Lysah and Asafah; they are able to help you with this.

Ted– Wow, fantastic, what a great answer! I would like to thank Hilarion … And now we’re going to finish; I know we won’t take up too much more time … do you think that’s the end of the answer for that one?

Julie– We can discuss it further in the debrief … I got a lot of visual information with that, but I think that I can’t stay in trance much longer. Ask me the next question.

Ted– Ok. Do they wish to give us a hint or a notion of how we should proceed with disguising our identities—or not—in our book that I have mostly gotten finished, for which I have the working title Star Table Symposia [published April, 2015 as The Star Table Trance Missions] … if they would like to advise us whether we should keep our real names secret or whether we should … or if I should actually put my real name on it with my Ph.D. degree and perhaps allow it to go out as a sort of “research book?”

Julie– Well, Ariel is saying to me … she knows of my concern, and that it will not prove to be justified—my concern … <Ok> She’s saying that at the stage where we are, sending it to people that we know or at the point of sharing it in a small way … that it’s perfectly acceptable and desirable to reveal our names … <Ok> and that as more time passes … by the time we might get to the point of disclosing this … so much will have happened in the world that it won’t be an issue anymore.

Ted– Yes, that’s what I had thought, too. So, that’s as much as we should try to do today since we’ve gotten such a definite answer here. I’m finished with my questions now, but I feel a little bad that we didn’t get to speak with some of the other distinguished guests who are with us today, and I hope that they feel that what we have been able to do and what they have been able to witness together with us has been adequate for their purposes. We would like to thank them and hope to be able to have another time to hear from them about whatever they might wish to share. Now, I will leave it for you to finish … and then you can tell me when you’re ready to return.

Julie– Rhi and Phindar together are just wanting to say that all of the beings who have appeared, including our guides Hilarion and Athena and now today Michael, in a sense all represent aspects and facets of ourselves in this time, other times and in future times, and that this is part of their work and service, and they are happy to participate. <Oh, good.> So I’ve thanked everyone and expressed my gratitude for this process, this experience that we’re having, and am confirming on my behalf and hopefully yours, Ted, that we’re committed to doing whatever we can.

Ted– Yes, I know you’re going to be a bit relieved because you’ve done a really wonderful job today with our symposium as you always do, for which I would like to thank you, and now on the count of five, I would have you realize that we have gotten finished and will now be returning to your ordinary physical body consciousness at your home in Pagosa Springs …

*      *      *      *

Commentary by Ted

The Ganymede Gambit: a 1976 Warning & a Major 2021 Meeting


The following excerpt from Message from the Pleiades [V. 2, 2nd edition, Contact 55, June 14, 1976] is the relevant context for Semjase’s remark in this current J&T TC session 21 that the missing lines 96-139 of that contact were removed by Wendelle Stevens in his original publication because of concerns that the “secret government” could have used the information to launch an attack on Ganymede—upon whom or what might have been there then we still don’t know. She did not wish to disclose the content of any of those missing lines for this 2nd edition of Star Family Excursions either, so we still do not know what might have been said, even though the “Gizeh Intelligences” were presumably no longer in residence on Ganymede after the time in the early Nineties when they were said to be removed from Earth by the Pleiadians in Semjase’s group … and we might also assume from any other of their outposts in our Solar System, like Ganymede. In this context and after going through quite a lot of Q&A, Billy Meier asks of her,

Meier– … of interest is whether the moon Ganymede of Jupiter is inhabited, and whether it could possibly be a spaceship?

Semjase– Ganymede is a little planet with metallic ores and is not inhabited. Even though there are no native people living there, there are some few creatures stationed there all right. But it is not a spaceship.

Meier– But the creatures who are stationed there … do they have any contact with Earthumans?

Semjase– Surely, because they belong to the Gizeh-Intelligences.

Meier– Oh, so that’s it. So Ganymede serves as a station for them?

Semjase– Yes, but otherwise it is not habitable …

[the following 43 lines, 96-139, were deleted]

Since the time of this contact report in 1976—now 45 years later in 2021—Ganymede has once again come into prominence in this later Disclosure Era as the location of a series of seemingly major galactic conferences to reach a decision on a unified ET resistance to the criminal activities of the rogue “secret government,” “deep state” or Cabal, as we now call this dark group with advanced offensive technologies, and liberate the Earth from its parasitical control. This recent series of meetings on Ganymede in 2021 has just been confirmed and the transcript completed by me for inclusion in our most recent TC Session 127 in the unpublished J&T Series tentatively entitled *Close Encounters of the 6th Kind* … just a few weeks before re-editing Contact 21 for this new 2nd edition—in a synchronicity of immensely unlikely coincidental timing! Perhaps the main lingering question of this revealed sequence is how the “Gizeh-Intelligences” that Semjase reported as having an outpost on Ganymede then, were related in a conspiratorial way with the “secret government,” which would have been capable of attacking Ganymede—for whatever reason it may have been feared by the Pleiadians—as well as being intent on pursuing Billy Meier along with various other military-intelligence cadres. There will be a lot to learn someday about the ongoing “War in Heaven” of this era in any event …


Supplementary Synchronicities


Julie’s Daybook


Phone conversation on the morning before this TC Session 21 (9-3-11):

I wanted to tell you that I had an interesting experience this morning after I spoke to you and after I got back from the farmer’s market. I was in the kitchen … and by the way, I have a pint of cream, and I’m going to make my own raw butter (!) … but I was standing in the kitchen, thinking about that, and I had a quite unexpected—which is the right word—experience: I strongly felt, in my kitchen, the presence of Hilarion, Athena, Ariel and her partner Michael, who has never shown up with us before. <Woow!> And I have not actually … they used to come together years and years ago, and then Michael stopped appearing for some reason, and so if you can imagine me standing in my kitchen and feeling the energy of these four beings … because I was contemplating that I wanted to be as clear as possible today, as fearless as possible and to have the best quality information with the least amount of static or background noise as possible, and that’s what happened. That was extraordinary, and I wanted to tell you that—I’m glad I remembered—I wanted to tell you that before we got started, so I don’t know what else happened, but this was rather significant to me.

Ted– Yes, I’m sure it was (!).



  1. Did Julie mean a hybrid of the white lions or the African-looking tawny lions (like the one seated next to Ted)? Probably the latter.
  2. That is, to institute a new religion and then take it in a direction far from its roots so as to use the name and historical identity of the person to control and manipulate an awestruck and therefore largely defenseless population.