Telepresence Conference 55

August 3, 2014


Julie and the full crew step into a tube of brilliant white light and are transported to the Pleiadian High Council chamber on the Planet Erra to be hosted before them by Gabriel. The place reminds Julie of the first Telepresence Conference, though what had been statues then, are now the extraordinary larger-than-life figures of the presiding council members, before whom they will be seated at a round table with the usual dozen or so guests and participants. Gabriel addresses them and is followed by Hilarion and Athena, Ariel and Michael, and very briefly by Semjase. There will not be any questions of the usual kind in this shorter session today.


Conducted at Ted’s house in Avery, California and later transcribed by him, the transcript is speaker-identified open-text dialogue with briefer reactions and comments placed inline inside corner brackets (“< … >“). After an initial induction visualization by Ted, Julie begins speaking …

*      *      *      *

Julie– I came down the flights of escalators as I usually do and got to the bottom of them where you were waiting, and all the animals were waiting; and before we went down the stairs, we went into what was like a tube of light, like a pneumatic tube but big enough for people and animals to get in, and it functioned like an elevator. We all got in and went down what felt like at least a hundred feet … ten more flights and then the stairs were there … we all walked down the stairs while you were doing the induction invocation, and we were standing in front of a door that was slightly ajar … brilliant white light shining through, and this doorway … rectangular and at least twenty feet high … the doors themselves … the right door as we’re facing it, is ajar … absolutely brilliant white light radiating out into the place where we are … and so now we’re going to go into this light… this is different … oh, by the way we’re both in white today … my hair is quite long and very black and in a braid down my back. The clothing I’m wearing is sort-of like gauzy white cotton … translucent.

You’re also in white … your hair is almost white … it’s very long and braided down your back too, but you have a long beard. You yourself look a lot like Merlin today; you’re wearing a robe with some sort-of an outer robe that’s sleeveless; you have some sort-of a crown—it’s like very, very pale blue, and an almost white robe on top of another almost white robe.

So, we’re now walking into the brilliant white light through this door that is open enough to go through single-file. We’re all inside, and we’re standing inside the doorway, inside … this brilliant white light, but it doesn’t hurt the eyes. It acts … it’s different than when we’ve time traveled; this white light apparently acts to purify what comes through it—not a technology as much as … “mental alchemy” is what I’m hearing. So, we’ve walked through the light, and we’ve entered a very large chamber that I would say … it’s round, and there are white pillars … it’s a council chamber … probably making use of other symbols I’m working on right now … in some ways it’s similar to the Zodiac chamber I saw on that planet in that very early session[1] where I traveled with Athena.

These pillars are white, and there’s someone seated, human figures, they’re alive—they’re not statues—seated in each of the spaces. I would say this chamber is fifty feet across, and these openings between the pillars are probably like the door, twenty feet high … all the people are seated on what look like thrones wearing robes, and there is a smaller round table in the center where we’re going to be sitting, and some of our guides are there. All of the rest of these beings … this is like, they’re telling me this is a ‘Council of Light’. It’s not a Galactic Council, it’s not that … this is the Pleiadian High Council. Wow (!).

Ok, so we’re coming in … and by the way I don’t know the material that all these pillars and everything is made out of … it’s like, very white alabaster … is the way I would describe it; it’s very, very translucent; the floor is covered with it; the table is made out of it; the pillars are made out of it. These figures are all larger than humans, these beings … taller … so, we’re entering this room or this area at what would be about 7 o’clock. The table is round, and you and I are being seated at 7—unlike at 6 where we normally sit. The table is full of people … well, it’s occupied … just a second … as is this whole council chamber of twelve … these people seated on their thrones …

Ok, so … Hilarion and Athena are at their normal place at noon … you and I are seated at 7; you’re on my left; I’m on your right … Semjase is seated next to you at 8 … Asafah is at 9 … Rhi is at 10; Phindar at 11 … as I said, Hilarion and Athena are at noon. Ariel and Michael are at 3 … <Together?> Uh-huh. At 1 is a figure I do not recognize … a luminous figure … a body but quite luminous … from an Andromedan council, I’m told … A A R R O S … oh, that’s like a transmission. At 2 is a Sirian I’ve not encountered before … H … sounds like “ha’, but I’m seeing like, H I L E A … but the accent is on the beginning. Ariel is next, Michael next to her, so Michael is on her left … White Lions are at 4 and 5 … and Gabriel is at 6. This council is not going to be introduced by name. We are in the Pleiadian [Taygeta] star system on [the planet] Erra. [pause] So, I guess it’s Gabriel who’s going to begin … that’s where this is going today.

So, I have to say, seated next to him … sort-of, is … a bit like sticking your finger in a light socket … <[chuckles] I’m sure …> [pause] Gabriel says “Greetings …” He gives his thanks to the Council for allowing us to be present today … to reveal the existence of this elevated council. The Sirian and the Andromedan sit on the wider council, and they are present to observe and monitor … this is an exceptional case. Gabriel is saying many suspect the existence of this and other councils … this building where we are being permitted to view through the technology of ‘Real Vision’ does exist in physical form on the Planet Erra … the purpose of this experience today … is to demonstrate that there does exist in our galaxy and other star systems, planetary systems, which have evolved beyond … immaturity.

He’s saying “The state of conditions on Terra are at a critical juncture …” He wishes us not to be deceived by various experiences as others have told us. He wishes us to understand that there are laws; there are principles; there are agreed upon … “tenets” is the word I’m hearing—I’m not sure that’s right … evolution proceeds in a similar manner as leavening in bread … once the leavening is in place, then it can be quickened; that quickening also must occur through the aspiration of the one who is evolving. The process is one of internal growth based upon the activation of spiritual will …

Just to say, Hilarion is watching this with … I wouldn’t know what to say … maybe ‘awed respect’ would be the way to describe it (?) … [sighs]

Ted– Do you mean he’s moved away from the table …?

Julie– He’s watching Gabriel … I just wanted to mention that … since Hilarion normally presides … sorry … it was an aside … I shouldn’t have allowed that distraction … <That’s ok.> Gabriel is speaking:

The process cannot be forced, but it can be finessed. Willingness and the appropriate state of concentration and the appropriate state of receptivity to receive the leavening agent as well as ‘loving guidance’ that comes from those further along the path, farther along the process … are necessary, but the work has to be done by the individual as well as the society … and sometimes it fails. In the larger picture a galactic entity or collection of galactic entities, as you have been told … does not fail. Sometimes in the smaller picture there are setbacks that cause grief. We are not immune to the suffering of humans in your system, your planet or anywhere in the larger universe of which we are a part. Always it is required that individuals and collectives receive the consequences of their choices so that they can learn to choose wisely. Spiritual will is like a muscle which must be exercised.

Hilarion is going to speak now; he took Athena’s hand. He’s saying he wishes to speak in the language of what we might recognize as the language of the spiritual hierarchy. In the council chamber where we sit, the beings, Hilarion is saying, are very involved spiritually, and in this system the difference between the spiritual rulership and the temporal rulership is not divided—they are one and the same.

He’s saying, however, Earth has quite a ways to go before that will be true. In some ways the answers to your questions … harken back to earlier understandings, earlier in the life … if it is not clear in someone’s life about the action to take, then the work can focus on individual development, individual processes … ‘Ascension’ as you might say … working on the personality, working on the issues each human needs to refine. Hilarion says he wishes to echo or paraphrase what Gabriel said: the outcome is assured although the process is still uncertain … and to not focus on the apparent circumstances. Hilarion said he liked Gabriel’s analogy of the leavening, and he wishes to tell you that “Much yeast is at work …” <[chuckles]> [softly] That sounds like something he would say … “and sometimes the oven gets dirty in the process.”

Hilarion is saying that what Earth is witnessing is a tremendous acceleration of a process that has operated at a much slower rate for a much longer time, and that process of acceleration—it’s a forcing process of a sort—and he’s saying as his colleague Dwjhal Khul would say, “It is driven by the fire of humanity’s aspiration.” And the forcing is being brought about in response to a request, both conscious and unconscious. Focus on the process of forcing within yourself and what you have dominion over in your own life—and lives. He wishes to emphasize and repeat what has been said before: “Many are at work during this time, and not all is what it seems.”

I’m getting telepathic messages from both the Andromedan and the Sirian simultaneously who wish to say … the Andromedan started to communicate telepathically that their cultures have armies on Earth, but he wishes to change the wording … that they are like armies in that they are helping with a battle, and that they are like warriors … but the swords are “swords of truth.” So, I’m getting this strange telepathic communication from the two of these: the Andromedan and the Sirian, wishing you to know specifically that “There are ETs walking among humans at this time on Earth in numbers that would astound you.” They’re repeating to me, “Things are not what they seem.”

Athena just said, “The drama that is played out in the world around you is mostly false, and as ludicrous as the movie we chose not to see.”[2] She’s saying, “This battle will be won through human hearts that open one at a time.” [sighs]

Semjase wishes to speak to you … She’s saying, “It cannot be revealed how many different projects are going on, how many different people … what was told, what was risked, what was revealed … what was lost … mistakes that were made … calculations that were misguided or incomplete … but they are still here working.” She just transmitted something directly into your mind, bypassing me altogether … did you have any sense of anything?

Ted– Uh, I had a sense … an awareness of her as I would have hoped for … to have the privilege of being more aware of her presence for a moment, and I was … grateful.

Julie– Well, she just connected with you directly. I can only say it was as if she leaned towards you to have a private word that I was not able to hear.

Ted– Yes, I had the feeling that she … assured me that they have not abandoned us as I … guess I must fear from time to time.

Julie– On the contrary … they’re all communicating to me that there are more ETs involved with Earth than there have been in a very long time (!) … and that most of their actions are not overt, but they are working very hard to intuitively reach and communicate with those who are ready and who have asked.

Hilarion is saying that there are a lot of humans on the Earth right now who are working—unknown to themselves—in collaboration with ETs through their intuition, through their inspirations … through the opening of their minds … [sighs] Athena just said, “Again, it’s not what it seems.” [softly, as an aside] I guess if I’m making it all up, at least I’m consistent.

Gabriel just said that he wishes us to understand the significance of our being allowed to see this place, to be aware of this place. It is in a sense … not a ‘reward’ but ‘recognition’ of our efforts. “We are known in this place.” <Hmm …>

Hilarion is speaking to you … and he has such an expression of love for you … [becoming emotional] on his face (!). He’s saying, “Stop worrying about what you can’t do and just focus on what you can …” <[very softly] Umm …> He’s saying, “You cannot fix the world, but you can work on your own fear.” [barely audible] And he’s saying that with all the love that followed it … [pause, then hearing a noise on the phone line] is the house blowing down?

Ted– It’s just getting a little windy outside here. I’m going to close the door.

Julie– Who would have thought …?

Ted– I think the wind was used to accentuate the message.

Julie– I do, too. [More loud noises are heard in the background, then a pause, then almost tearfully.] So, you have two fathers here today … Hilarion has been your spiritual father all these years, and Asafah is here as well.

Ariel is speaking to me and just saying that … what’s being asked of us is … to just be the best and strongest we’re able to be as individuals, and do the work presented … and, as you say, “Tend your own garden.”

Hilarion is saying opportunities will arise to share what you’ve learned and know in a larger way, but it is not the ‘broadsheet’[3] of today.

Athena is saying, “Circumstances will continue to escalate and how that looks in the outer is an increasing appearance of catastrophe and destruction. But the Phoenix will rise …” [sighs and takes a breath …]

Gabriel just communicated to me, saying in the words of someone I admire so much, Joseph Campbell, whom Gabriel said he admired very much … and because he was a Pleiadian … <Umm …> “You must be willing to let go of the life you have in order to receive the life that is planned for you.” He’s speaking to both of us.

The White Lions are communicating to me that I have carried the ability to do what I do for a half million years or more.

Rhi and Phindar … [brightly] they’re all now just beaming energy at me … and you, too. Phindar just wishes you to know that whatever happens or seems to happen on Earth … our next lives are in a sane and evolved society … but not to give up on this planet. [sighs] Do you have anything else? I think that’s all they’re going to say.

Ted– Does it seems like they would anticipate questions now?

Julie– I don’t know. I don’t want to ask any myself … I mean for myself … if there’s anything you want to ask?

Ted– Do you think that’s the end of a short session as has been planned for us today? To just be told what you’ve said so far?

Julie– How long has it been …?

Ted– Probably only a half hour to forty-five minutes.

Julie– If you think there’s a question you wish to ask … otherwise I think maybe … that could be the end.

Ted– Ok, it sounds like you are aware that we have … you have seen this new chamber, and that they have attempted to simply reassure us in a general way from that place that things are not as dire as they might appear in some ways—or … even though they appear dire, they aren’t as bad as it looks—and that things are going to proceed in spite of the appearances, and it may be then that we wouldn’t have any specific questions … to go beyond that, so … it sounds like I should be reassured—for which I’m grateful of course … and that unless anyone else there has anything to offer, we won’t ask any questions, but are thankful and would be receptive to any other additional remarks before closing.

Julie– Gabriel is communicating to me … that from the perspective of civilizations which have developed beyond the state of Earth … they have compassion, the wisdom of long experience, and the awareness of the behavior that comes from ignorance. He wishes to assure you that all civilizations pass through such stages. Part of our struggle is that we have remembered or are aware of more developed stages … which makes it extremely difficult to feel stuck here … uh, “stuck” is my word …

Hilarion is saying … the image he showed me is like being relegated to the room of a two-year-old when you’re actually a college freshman.

Gabriel is reminding us that we agreed to come …

Ted– <[chuckles, barely audibly]> Well, I would say, in some ways, I am very happy to be on Earth, which lives up to its reputation of being one of the most beautiful planets in the local universe, and we love it very much. It’s just that the hard part is not being able to understand how to do anything that … might matter or make a difference in halting the specter of needless bloodshed and destruction. Of course we plan to get these powerful books of our ‘Telepresence Conferences’ out, which we hope will draw some attention and possibly reinforce a greater sense of sanity … even if we realize it may be only a drop in the ocean … and the whole Earth-wide drama itself only a drop in the Cosmic Ocean.

Julie– Athena is saying … and she’s using your name, “Ted, do not underestimate the influence you have, just by being who you are.”

Ted– [softly] At my best I do know … and I thank her for reminding me …

Julie– They’re trying to show me a picture of your power system and the interconnectivity … the idea I’m getting is that a circuit can be weak or a circuit can be strong … Hilarion is saying it’s like you’re the Sun in your own solar-powered system of being in the world … fear takes away the power, and love feeds it. So, the more … he’s showing me a picture like of this sun radiating in your heart, or a person’s heart, and the capacity to receive that alchemically then radiates it further out into the world. [long pause]

Hilarion just said, “A saint meditating in a cave in India, has more power to change the world than an army.” He says, “Do you doubt?”

Ted– [softly] I don’t think I would know how to doubt that.

Julie– Then, he says to let go of your anger. [long pause]

Athena, again, just wants to tell us, “We are far more powerful than we know.”

I think we’re finished.

Ted– Ok. We are moved and grateful to have heard what has been told to us. I guess it does feel as dire as we had feared, though we don’t feel threatened ourselves personally … at this time, and we are grateful to be reassured in a general way by the great souls and beings who have become aware of our situation, and I am personally grateful to them all for being with us today and sharing some of their perspective. We would hope to always maintain our awareness of them. We are particularly grateful to Gabriel and Hilarion and Athena as well as various intermediaries who have participated. I would also thank you now and have you finish as you might like to do so.

Julie– I would just offer my deep gratitude and sense of humility. I would like to say for the recording that what I have seen here today I know is true … this council chamber … whether everything I have said or been told I have understood completely, I do not know, but this place I have been shown, I know exists, and I know that on this world there’s light … [almost tearfully] that’s all.

Ted– Then we are finished, and we would be ready for you to return to the house here in Avery, California … so on the count of five, you will now become aware of leaving the Pleiadian Council Chamber setting …

*      *      *      *     *

  1. It was in fact our very first Telepresence Conference—before we had any idea what to call them.
  2. Which “ludicrous” movie reference made here is not recalled …
  3. Presumably, what will be found in a newspaper.