Telepresence Conference 6, 2nd Edition

February 16, 2011


Julie is back at the Star Table during daylight hours, and while registering the seating arrangement of guides and guests, notices the White Eagle for the first time—the mysterious bird entity that was the beginning of Ted’s conscious awareness of the contactee counterpoint in his life … and to counterbalance Ursa, her white bear. Major figures Rhi and Phindar also appear for the first time.


The transcript is of identified speakers in open text dialogue with shorter embedded comments of the other speaker placed in-line in corner brackets (“< …>“). The session was done over the phone with full bi-directional voice recording between Julie in Pagosa Springs, CO and Ted in Avery, CA. After a brief induction visualization by Ted, Julie begins speaking …

*      *      *       *

Julie– Ok, I’m in the Star Room now … at the pentagon [meaning “pentagram”] Tele-Trance Table [laughs] … let’s see, and the room is bigger today, and it seems like I’m in my regular place with Astar at the apex of the … pentagram table. The table itself seems bigger today too … there seem to be perhaps even a couple more guides … it’s very interesting … it’s like now … the room, the table has grown. It feels like there are a minimum of 20 to 30 observers behind me. There’re sort-of … I don’t know … I wouldn’t say they’re in darkness, but I can’t identify who they are … there are more than last time. It’s light outside today. Do you remember? It was dark last time, and I could see these projections on or in the table here in this room. I don’t know whether that will happen again, but they can manipulate the conditions any way they want for purposes of demonstration.

So, Astar is at the apex [laughs] … I like that … on your side of the table or to my left, Samael and Jhinda are there … ah, Hilarion is next … I’m sensing the energy of Metatron although he’s not here the same way he was last time—it’s more of an overarching energy. I don’t see his presence seated at the table. Lysah and Asafah are there. Oh my goodness (!), you have an animal guide there today—a White Eagle. <Wow (!)> Oh my gosh (!), I guess the White Eagle is the correspondence of the White Bear who’s definitely on my side of the table. The Hathor is seated on your side of the table today. I believe he was on my side of the table before—not that there’s really a “my side.” I think it’s just to help me stay clear. I’m also getting that Semjase is not here today, but is monitoring. It kind-of feels like there is someone else who is going to be revealed later.

Julie’s sketches of Samael, Jhinda & Hilarion & Asafah (above)

and Lysah and Semjase (below)

On my side of the table, Ursa is again on the floor … Ariel is next to Astar … MuRaNu is next to her … The White Lions are next, Meena and Huluyah. Well, maybe I’m getting the answer to my question that I had before I got here, because the Pleiadians who work with me are here, Rhi and the male Phindar, so we’ll ask more about him in a bit—he is her mate or counterpart. Jedhi is here … Athena is here today … and another: I’m trying to get the name … it’s an African guide that I know from before … who has appeared before … let’s see if I can get the name again … she’s like a big, huge African woman, a very big Mother Earth like figure. Well, this is a different one, at least there’s a different name anyway … she says she goes by “Simbana” (S-i-m-b-a-n-a). I happen to know that “simba” is the Zulu word for “lion” so that must be the feminine form of it. Ok, I think we are ready for questions—the room is quite full today.

Julie’s sketches of Ariel, MuRaNu, Huluyah & Meena (above)

and Phindar & Rhi and Jedhi and Athena (below)

Ted– I’ll begin my first question then about whether we should consider everything we are receiving in these trance sessions as suitable for publication or whether it would be more prudent to keep some information private, perhaps for a certain time after which we could be notified when to release it publicly. We might even be able to receive some more sensitive information if we were willing to agree to such an arrangement, as was common with Billy Meier.

Star Table Seating Session 6

Julie– [takes a deep breath] Ah, it’s Ariel who’s speaking to me, and she says she’s doing so on behalf of the Pleiadians in particular, but also other ETs—among others—who are working with us. She’s saying for the moment it’s sufficient to receive the information, and that it’s more up to us what we will feel comfortable with over time … that if something should not be revealed, they will tell us at the time … that we’re proving our … she’s using a word like “stewardship.” We’re proving our capacity to receive and be discerning, but that she thinks for the moment this should be something we’re just sharing and discovering and learning with a sense of wonder. She says—no kidding (!), my comment—that it will probably spread and be shared. She’s saying we were told in an earlier session that people will be drawn to us with whom we will feel comfortable sharing because they are having similar experiences, but they are more individual or solitary, and they do not have anyone to share it with, so there will come a point that there will not initially be large numbers of sharing experiences with people, but you will have this body of information of synchronous types of experiences that we’re having … that we can share, which at some point—we will want to do something with it—but for now we should just let it unfold, and sort-of keep it to ourselves—not so much because it’s private but because it’s a bit like a womb where it now needs to gestate in a symbolic sort of darkness before it’s given birth.

Things need to unfold, and I’m sort-of getting telepathic messages from all four Pleiadians simultaneously, who are seated here,[1] that we need to remember as much as it’s possible for us to remember … about ourselves before sharing whatever it may be. They’re saying, it’s not so much that most of it is private—although we may decide to keep some of it that way—as it is important for us to track enough of the information to feel totally solid about it in our own memories, and also, Ariel is saying, we need to be able to internalize … and they’re saying to me that Phindar is in fact you from the future. <Wow!> Ah, [laughs] so it’s “Phin,” like “fin,” like a fish’s fin [Ted is a Pisces Sun sign] … they’re saying, we need to be able to internalize this experience that was so unsettling for me when I first heard it about ourselves being from the future, impinging or affecting this other aspect of ourselves from this particular place or strand in space-time. They’re saying that very few people have ever tried to write about it, I mean, other than in science fiction. It’s not that we’re the only ones to have had these experiences … others definitely have, but they didn’t know what it was or have any way to document or write about it.

Ah, so now Jedhi, the strange High Council … well, just strange in terms of manifestation … being is communicating with me, saying that our sort of synchronous out-of-time, out-of-body experiences are preparing us for even more dramatic kinds of experiences that are going to happen when we’re still physically apart, and that the experience that I had a while back when I felt that you were lying in bed with me physically, and the experience that you had recently, the “444” and Venus thing, that those experiences can increase, and that there is a way we don’t understand yet—we just have to be open to it. They’re saying this is not astral projection, and it’s not bi-location, or at least those are not the correct words for it. It’s a technology, I guess, would be the right word … it’s an ability that the Pleiadians got from the Dal Universe or another advanced race that is able to “transmit” [virtually instant de-materialization/ re-materialization]. It’s more something we might understand like a hologram, that, when you take only a small piece of it, still reproduces the whole image.

It’s more like that they’re able to take a piece of us and replicate the entire image in a different location. <Wow!> Yeah, I’m laughing now, but this is my comment: it might make it a whole lot easier for us to deal with however long we have to be physically apart in the third dimension if we could experience something like that, some kind of multi-dimensional holographic “transmission” telemetry. Ariel said … could that be the right word, “telemetry”? I thought it was more like a “trajectory.” I don’t know what that word means exactly.

Ted– We use the word “telepresence” in space-sciences lingo to indicate “remote sensing.”

Julie– Oh, I love that! Ok, yeah, they’re saying it doesn’t exactly describe the mechanism, but that it’s a perfect word to describe what we’re talking about. Wow (!), that was an unexpected bit of information.

So, I want to take a moment to ask about Phindar, to see if he wants to say anything to you. He’s got great sparkling eyes, just like yours, and definitely looks the same, like the same person I encountered at that first experience I had with Lindsay where I first encountered Rhi. Ah, and she’s about 330 or so years old, roughly … is that right? No, 4 … I’m confused about the number because now I’m remembering that when we asked before, I’m thinking we said she was about 400 years old—but that it was me 300 years in the future. So I don’t exactly know what that means … just so I can get the numbers right, but she’s saying, yes, that is right.

We’ll have to go back and check to see where we have it. She’s telling me that she’s 434 years old … it would have been great if she were … Ohhhh! [laughs] This is very interesting: Phindar just said he’s 444 years old! <Oh, my god! [laughs]> That’s my reaction too. [both laugh] Oh, my gosh! That one stopped me in my tracks—she’s 434 years old, and he’s 444. They’re all laughing and smiling at me, saying … that’s part of the answer to all the “444” experiences.[2]

So, for a very long time, Ted, a long time—25 or 30 years, but a long time—I don’t know how I would find it out, but I guess we could ask … I have had these “444” experiences, and maybe now I’ve had the experience with Rhi and with Phindar, who is apparently you from the future, that this connection has been there … a very, very long time, and in my consciousness since I was probably 12 years old. And weren’t you 12 when you had the experience with the bird in the barn? <That’s about right, yeah …> So, that’s very interesting. Well, all this just has me absolutely … stunned for the moment. Oh, my goodness! Ok, they’re all just grinning at me, so I’m feeling like, ah, I’m feeling like we should go on to another question and see what comes next. They’re kind-of like letting me settle down from all that revelation of information.

Ted– Ok, since your next question has mostly already been answered by them, I’ll go on to my next question, which is related to the first question. What I’m wondering about is whether, in making their spacecraft appear visible to us—something we’ve talked about before—would they allow us … or would we be able to photograph it in either still pictures, or video to capture its motion, and are the new electronic cameras immune to radiation, unlike the older film cameras of Billy Meier’s generation? And the last part is whether we should take the pictures ourselves or whether it would be desirable for us to possibly have a videographer who would accompany us on a contact who could actually record the spacecraft at closer range?

Julie– If I forget one of the questions, then just ask me again. Ah, they’re saying that the digital mechanism is immune from the radiation, but the batteries are not … so it’s a completely different problem than with film cameras in earlier times. So they’re saying … if it’s possible for you to erect some sort of barrier, like a piece of glass that you would still be able to take photographs and still protect the batteries, or perhaps there’s a way … I’ll ask that again in a second … they’re saying they hope to be able to make something happen anyway … if they are able to make it all work with security and schedules, they really want to do this, mostly for you, and that if they’re able to pull it off [laughs], you and I would actually get to see … ourselves from 300 years in the future! <Wow, that would be so great!> They don’t have a problem with you making photographs, but this should be an experience for us alone. They also wouldn’t have a problem with us sharing it at some point … the technical part would be … and I don’t know the difference between digital video cameras and digital still cameras, but batteries are the issue.

So, if there’s a way … apparently, even something like a clear pane of glass in front of the camera would shield it enough so the ship’s radiation wouldn’t fry the batteries. But they’re saying if they can make this happen, which they want for you—not to say I wouldn’t also be thrilled beyond measure—I mean, especially if we could get a photograph of ourselves … 300 hundred years in the future. <Yes!> So they’re going to … in fact, it’s like Lysah is saying that now that we’ve realized that this might be the most important thing for us, they’re going to try to do it, and they know how much you would like to see Semjase and Lysah, of course, and Asafah would like to be there as well. They’re going to do the best they can to have this happen. Oh, and that the day they would like to make it happen is on your birthday (!).

Ted– Oh, my goodness … whew!

Julie– So, we should be prepared to be up early in the morning, just as it gets to be light when there would be the least amount of discovery of anything unusual by anyone else in the area. And that probably you should set the camera up or if possible have it arranged in advance … so that if they’re able to do this, all we would have to do is go outside and not have to fiddle with cameras or whatever at that point. And we will have already done another session, so I guess the idea would be for us to be prepared somewhat early in the morning, like around dawn when the sky is light but it’s still … I don’t know when that is exactly, 6:30 or so, something like that (?). Well, they’re going to try and make it happen.

Ted– Ok … that would be spectacular!

Julie– But they’re saying not to worry about the quality—it’s much more important to … if you really want to document this, it really can be shared at some particular point, but not right away, again not to abort or interrupt our whole process of discovery with worrying about the kind of documentation … but that this is more a gift for you.

Ted– Well, that would indeed be a wonderful birthday present!

Julie– No kidding! So, they’re going to try to make it happen, and it is mostly for you and for us—also as a confirmation of all we have experienced, past, present and future. Is it time for the next question?

Ted– I think so. Julie would like to know if Lysah and Asafah are also beings from the future.

Julie– Well, this is interesting … I don’t know whether this ever came up in Billy’s material or in anything that Semjase said before, but what they’re telling me is … yes, and so is Semjase, and in a sense they’re all traveling in multiple time lines simultaneously, and part of why, in the case of Semjase and Billy, there was such a sense of urgency about the mission in trying to alter or help things shift in such a way that certain eventualities wouldn’t occur,[3] and they are able to operate again in a way that we’re doing as well, so … oh golly, this is so complex … I don’t know it this showed up in any of the other materials, so I’m going to tell you what they’re telling me, and I don’t know if there’s a way to confirm it. What they’re saying is that in the case of Semjase, the physical being that Billy experienced and encountered, was in a sense, although fully conscious, more like you and I are here, so that she was able to walk around in Switzerland and engage with other humans there at the same time, but her real identity, if you want to call it that, or the other aspect of her, was also from the future … moving backward and forward in time. And there’s another part apparently to Billy’s experiences of going backward and forward in time that is related to this. Was any of that ever discussed in anything you’ve encountered?

Ted– Not exactly … no, I don’t think it was ever indicated that Semjase was actually coming from a particular time in the future, but one of the things that has always puzzled me in the Wendelle Stevens books, was the notion that the Pleiadians were said to be coming from a fractionally different time “dimension,” off only a slight amount from us … that they came from this time-shifted place by only a fraction of a second to get to our space-time dimension.

Julie– Let me ask. It’s Lysah who’s speaking now, and she’s saying that this comes under the area of information that they didn’t want others to get a hold of or understand, and that … that it isn’t apparently Earth scientists that would likely abuse it … and now we will also probably be subject to some of that … another good reason to keep our exploration to ourselves for a period of time, but that there’s apparently something that happens in what we would call time travel or what we would call the capacity—and apparently the [White] Lions know more about this than anybody else—that, from the perspective of the person moving through time, there’s a moment of shifting, a moment of being something else, and in the case of Lysah and Asafah, they are … it’s the same thing … it’s the ability to exist in the future, to travel, in what we would call “backwards in time,” to manifest in a physical form in this time while still having a consciousness in what we would call the future, and it’s … they say … “technology” is not the right word … and they don’t want to tell me the right word … but it’s something we’ll understand at some point. It’s also apparently related to this same idea that we just talked about a little while ago, where you and I were sensing each other, even though we were, by time zone and physicality, a thousand miles apart, but were essentially doing this same thing in some ways.[4] What did you call it again? <”Telepresence”> It’s related to that in some way, and they don’t want to say any more about it for now, but it’s related to the mechanism in which the ships travel. <Wow!> It’s way beyond our capacity to understand, and apparently that’s enough to know for this particular session. Does that make sense to you?

Ted– Ah, I was having a little trouble hearing you with some noise in the background [ringing phone], but I think I got most of it.

Julie– At least my side of this conversation will be recorded ok, but yours may break up a little bit. I can hear you, but I don’t know how it will translate when I download it, but between the two of us, we’ll get it all. Ok.

Ted– The next question has to do with Billy Meier and the group of Pleiadians he was involved with, who evidently departed the Earth in 1995, even though they have continued to maintain contact with him for all these years afterwards. Can you ask why they left then, and how they evaluated their joint mission together with him?

Julie– What they’re saying is that by that point [in 1995], it wasn’t that the mission was terminated since they were still in contact with him, but that what they needed to do requiring a physical presence here was complete. And I don’t know about all this stuff, but it had to do with things you’ve shared with me about building the center with the people who were helping Billy, and apparently they felt it wasn’t the security issue, but there was a whole other mission related to their own world and related to something else they were responsible for. They felt that the kind of ongoing physical presence they had here was no longer required, but they wanted to be sure to keep up with what Billy was doing and all of the people involved with him and their center there in Switzerland.

Ted– Ok, good … so it wasn’t related to anything like the so-called “end times,” the Mayan Calendar prophecy, etc. In some ways I had feared that they might have given up … or considered the mission not to have been successful.

Julie– [takes a deep breath] It’s Jedhi who’s speaking now, and he’s saying that many of the efforts of the Pleiadians, including with us, and I’m remembering that there are at least a hundred sorts of groups or families or lineages who are trying to do something similar, and that … ah, in the beginning there they had expectations that were greater than what the humans involved were capable of handling, and also with the climate and the situation on Earth and the surveillance by military who would have stolen technology and so forth … he’s saying to me that in no way was it a failure, and much has been accomplished, but it did not achieve all that they would have hoped, but that much is being done, much is also being accomplished in other ways, through other groups of ETs, through other means of contact and direct ways of disclosure—not to underestimate what we’re doing—and to know that others in their own way are doing similar things.

Jedhi is saying that things are actually shifting very radically on Earth for the positive—even if it doesn’t look that way. More people are waking up. So, while there were goals or expectations that were very high, they were not sufficiently realistic, but no one is really disappointed. I think that’s all on that question—do you have more on that question?

Ted– No, that’s very good. I’ll go on to the next one. This is your question about the nature of the signaling that has been going on over the years of various kinds, such as my waking up at 4:44 in the morning—we know more about that now—and noticing a very bright rising Venus, the sightings of lights that then suddenly disappear, etc. Were these just symbolic indications of our contact or was more attempting to be transmitted to us?

Julie– [takes a deep breath] It’s Hilarion who wants to speak now. His cape is scarlet today by the way, and it looks like the broach he’s wearing is like a ruby in a rectangular setting on its side going long ways … so he’s saying that we’re being shown through an experiential way what this capability, this ability to move and exist in multiple places and times simultaneously in a continuum is about, and that many of the so-called synchronicities, these messages, things that are happening, are just meant to awaken us or make us more aware of the manner in which we are connected, and it’s part of the reason we didn’t meet on this planet at the same place and time, and that these kinds of things are going to increase … and that if we continue to be open, we will have even more dramatic instances of these connections and the experience of this … and I still can’t remember the name of what you called it [telepresence], this sense of being in the same place at the same time, even physically, but that our awareness of that will heighten.

It’s all part of what we’re supposed to write about—ourselves—whether it gets shared in some way or not … this is in the category of information that we should not disclose too much about in terms of what we would call its scientific aspect, but that they like the way we’re documenting this and how we’re commenting on and keeping track of it, just in terms of our own experiences.

Asafah, the Pleiadian who’s sitting next to Hilarion, is saying, “He was that white bird (!)”[5]

Ted– [laughs] Oh, my god, you’ve read my mind!

Julie– And that it was just part of a way to let you know that “someone” was there and to give you evidence that somebody else had also seen it, and that he’s suggesting we do some trance work with you when I’m out there and that as I think it was told to us last time, you have a lot of those experiences that are connected with what your mind wanted to tell you were birds but were something else altogether (!). <Wow!> They’re all smiling at us again … [both laugh] Ah, he’s saying it would be worthwhile to try to get a fix on the date or the time frame, to determine if anything, or what else was happening, might have been going on in your life in the same time frame you took that hike because they’re saying that sometimes these birds appeared not just as simple forms of contact, but they came with messages; they came with things that were given to you and transmitted telepathically and unconsciously, and in that case your memories were adjusted, but that you can also retrieve them. They weren’t totally altered, just sort-of masked. You and I both have those—they made me angry—but you apparently just forgot. <[laughs]> That was interesting!

Ted– That was really interesting! [laughing] Well, that might lead into my next question, which is related. I’m hoping they can tell us—like they have now told us about the white bird on my day hike—a little more about my experiences beginning with the White Eagle in Colorado when the white bird sightings first began, and then my later sightings of three UFOs at Mount Shasta, and my first close encounter with a spacecraft and another White Eagle in the Grand Canyon, and the still yet more recent experiences when I saw triangular clouds again here at my house. If they could tell us if there were common elements … if the same individuals happened to be present … or if there were others at different times … or if there is some way for me to understand who or what was actually there, whether it was the people that we’re actually contacting now or whether there were others involved?[6]

Julie– Ah, the unusual clouds at Mr. Shasta were produced by another group of ETs, not the Pleiadians. This kind of cloud is often called “lenticular,” and the spacecraft that produced them were not supposed to have been visible—it was one of those sorts of accidents where they didn’t take enough care … They were a kind of group that was here sightseeing or here by accident and didn’t have enough technology to cloak themselves sufficiently, and those clouds were apparently seen by quite a few other people who didn’t really know what it was or didn’t know what to think.

The white eagle symbol for you is not about the white eagle as an eagle and not as an Indian master … although they’re connected and much can be learned through the symbolism. This White Eagle is seated on your side of the table today, and on my side is Phindar seated with Rhi. Phindar is saying that the white eagle experiences you’ve had are how that aspect of your own consciousness is from the future. In other words, it’s them revealing themselves to you … as yourself from the future. <Wow!>

You saw an actual spacecraft that looked more like beamships, and they’ve been working with both of us and with others on Earth, constantly just trying to wake us up and have us remember … and also to be monitoring and helping as part of the larger process, trying to raise the consciousness of humanity on the planet by waking more people up.

Other ETs are apparently working with other people and have other missions. It’s a very complex thing, they’re explaining to me … but that’s my understanding, that the times you saw the White Eagle and the spacecraft in connection with it, was actually you, revealing yourself—to yourself—different from the family. So this is interesting … and so complex to try to understand. Lysah and Asafah are your lineage, they’re part of your family, part of this “DNA Reclamation Project,” and the being Phindar is related to them as well. What’s interesting, however, is that Phindar is mated to Rhi, and so they have been working as a team, a male and female team, not like a … father-daughter or mother-daughter or sisters in a family, as some of them are, but colleagues aware of what was happening, and in this way that’s really complicated. So in other words, you had two groups working with you.[7] This is kind-of making my head spin. Does that answer? Do you need more information?

Ted– Well, that is amazing and has been very helpful, but can you ask them to comment on the more recent sightings that have occurred at my house here in the last three years … whether those are the same individuals, like during the time I looked up at the Pleiades in the sky and immediately heard two very loud explosions—could you ask them who or what was involved in that incident?

Julie– Ah, they’re telling me that particular encounter was with Lysah and Asafah, and they had been trying to do something different and had been trying to make a light signal to you, but you didn’t notice it, so they sent you a message to bring you outside, in order to do something more dramatic.

Ted– Ok, [laughs] that’s great … well, thank them very much—it was quite unexpected and a bit strange as well … but quite clever and interesting to contemplate—now that I know …

Julie– Well, they’re saying both of us can be hard-headed at times …

Ted– [laughs] Ok … well, that can be true … Then I guess I’ll go to Julie’s last question, which in some ways has mostly already been answered, but perhaps a little more could be added to it. Julie would like to know if they can tell us more about how we have been monitored in various ways over the years. We’ve asked about this before, but I think we would be very interested in hearing from anybody there who might be willing to comment—maybe White Eagle could comment? I am interested in this as well, and I’ve had the feeling that some significance might apply to where my house is located, where I have a big old White Oak tree near my house that is quite unusual at that elevation … and whether I’ve been allowed to live at this location for purposes of eventually seeing a spacecraft that might be the last major contact event during the twenty[8] some odd year time I have been here.

Julie– It’s Samael who’s speaking now … he hasn’t had too much to say yet. He’s saying that from his standpoint … and he has been one of your guides for a long time, apparently helping you a lot with writing. Ah, but he’s saying that with the idea of “monitoring,” again the stimulation comes from the ETs. It does so with the permission if not blessing of what we might call the spiritual masters because this is all part of the karmic blueprint of our evolutionary development … things we have agreed to do, and it’s again something very difficult to understand about how we, as ourselves from the future, can be affecting and influencing our experiences now—from that time.

Samael is saying, and Hilarion is nodding, as he told you this in your session with Jon Fox, that it’s not the place that puts its mark on you, rather it’s you who put your mark on the place, and this will be true for you wherever you might live, on any world and in any time … that you are a caretaker of Earth, of where you are, and that you are “bound and linked” in special ways, and that you will always be drawn or gifted to places that have special things connected with them, like the great old White Oak that you mentioned, and that it has not mattered for you wherever you have been on any different world or time in all of your soul’s nearly countless experiences that you always bring … it makes me want to cry … [emotionally] you always want to bring this blessing and receive this blessing, and you’ll leave it when you go from there and find it wherever you go next. And they do very much wish to give you the gift of seeing something in a 3D way that … it’s not that you need to believe it, it’s just that they hope to be able to give it to you with all of the attachments, but if it can’t happen in this moment, they’re saying that it will happen at some point … and don’t doubt that.

Ted– Ok, that’s really lovely; I would thank you and greatly thank them for making us aware of all these things. We have finished the questions we have written out for the day, but in any event these considerations have taken us in many more different directions than we could have imagined. So we have gotten a rich reward and thus probably have only a little more time left for today. I would like to ask if there is anything more we might hear in relation to any of our questions that have already been asked?

Julie– [takes a deep breath] I’m looking around to see who wants to speak or what they might have to say to us. Oh, it’s the White Lions … they haven’t had anything to say yet today either. They’re saying not to be distressed about understanding some of the dynamics of this time, like time-wave journeying; they say in a sense it’s almost more like surfing … that I’ve had the experience in my manifestation as them, from both past and present—it’s something we will come to understand. They’re telling me that you know how to do it too, but it’s further back in your memory … that I have apparently been working on accessing these memories longer in this particular lifetime than you have, and they’re saying to just continue to be open; that these synchronous sorts of experiences are going to increase and intensify and feel even more remarkable, but it will soon get to the point where we won’t doubt them, but that we should continue to document all of it, even the ones that seem unlikely or maybe even seeming that we’re reading something into it—we should be tracking it all and writing it down.

They’re forming a pattern; there’s a code embedded in them that we’ll figure out at some point based on numbers, and that we’ll be able to “figure it out” … there’s an ability to track and interpret events apparently just based on numbers. I don’t know if it’s … not letters, but numbers that we’ll be able … to actually be able to decode messages from “over the horizon” in our experience at some point—that’s amazing (!).

And they’re just sort of all saying that we’re doing really well, and they’re happy with us … that we’re committed to doing this on a regular basis and keeping track of it … and they are pleased. Ariel just wants us to know that they are working to do what they can under the circumstances to bring us together, and that as our abilities increase on having these … whatever you called it [telepresence conferences] … I’m going to ask you when we’re done here and get off the speaker phone … that, we’re ready to be dazzled by what it’s possible for us to experience in that regard.

And so Ariel is saying I probably have had enough for today, and if we have gotten our questions answered, I think that’s all they have to tell us. I’m expressing our deep thanks for all those who came, all the information and help we’re receiving. We’re just so grateful, and we will continue to do the best in whatever way we can … and be back next week at about the same time.

Ted– Ok, I’m thrilled too and would thank them all for their help as before, and am grateful that we can be together in this way with them to find answers to some of our questions, for which we both thank them very much … and as soon as you’re ready, on the count of five you can begin to realize that you will soon be returning home to your normal waking physical consciousness …

*      *      *      *     *

Supplementary Synchronicities

Commentary by Ted

The term “telepresence,” as it occurred to me to call our conference sessions thus numbered out beginning with this book, and which Julie had so much trouble remembering, turned out to be also linked in an unexpected way to our circumstance of being separated by place of residence as well as generally for the sessions themselves, as for example at the time when I sensed Julie in the bed when she was in fact physically located at her house in Colorado, as noted previously. And another good example to occur later would be at approximately the same hour in late afternoon of the same day while Julie was in Pagosa, and I was in Avery, we were both strangely attracted to notice what she at first thought was a spacecraft UFO, and I thought was Sirius, both appearing at a similar place in the sky relative to our locations. She had excitedly called me on her cell phone from a parking lot to tell me about it, only to hear me tell her that I had just noticed and looked three separate times, at what I thought was Sirius rising above the trees on the eastern horizon.

A later check of star charts indicated that Sirius could not have been seen rising in the sky at that time for me or would not have been visible in daylight if it were (it was already dark where Julie was one time zone to the east). This mystery has now been more clearly resolved in our later J&T Session 20 (in Volume 2, Star Family Excursions), which revealed to us that Julie had seen the actual planet Sirius and thought it was a UFO, and I had seen a real spacecraft UFO—from Sirius—and thought it was the famously bright twinkling star (!). These synchronicities take us tunneling unimaginably deep into the quantum wormhole network—one can still only wonder how it is, as Billy Meier would have said, “confoundedly” possible.


Julie’s Daybook

Email from: Julie Loar

Friday, February 18, 2011, 8:10 AM


First, I woke this morning at 3:34 and 4:45.  I knew that was really significant and a new spin on the time messages.  What you read below will indicate how exquisite this interaction is becoming. It’s amazing to read these transcripts.  I will copy and annotate and return.  However, here are two things, one small and one much larger:

1.  The being Solarn’s name is three syllables, like MuRaNu.  It’s like, So-La-Rahn, but spelled “SoLaRaan,” in terms of emphasis and pronunciation.  You don’t have to type it that way each time, but it feels important for the first time.

2.  And here’s the larger issue that will have implications for future sessions.  When I say I’m uncertain or feeling uncomfortable, I think you should suggest I stop, breathe, take a moment and give me the suggestion to go deeper into trance.  Over time I’ll learn to trust this process and myself more, but I’m still feeling a level of discomfort.  Also, if I tell you I’m feeling uncertain or doubtful, you might even ask if those numbers are in Earth measures, or others, and to ask them for clarification.  I checked the “facts” as they are known, and I got the timeframes and distances reversed relative to the Cosmic Year and the size of our galaxy.  The numbers were right, but the scale is wrong.  (240-250 millions of our years for the solar system to orbit the galaxy, and 100,000 light years as the diameter of the Milky Way and we are 30,000 light years from the center.  That upset me, so I put myself in a trance this morning and asked about it.

Ariel spoke with me and said the problem/issue is caused by a couple of things:

A.  In the case of the numbers, the ETs use very different measures and scales of time and distance, and they try to convert to terms that we will understand.  And in this case one measure was light years and one was earth years.

B. I am overly worried about my performance and that creates blocks.

C.  When I get worried, I’m trying to rely on what I think I know, and that interferes.  She said this example is very instructive, and that they “tricked” and “tested” me a bit to show how I need to relax into it.  (The trick was the numbers were correct using certain of their measures, sort of like giving information that we would measure in miles instead of feet in one case and the reverse in another). She said I knew at the time something was “off,” which I did.  Something about this gives even more credence to the experience in that they are teaching me how to better navigate while in trance.  She said we could ask next time about common measures used by the Galactic Federation, for example, a “year” is meaningless once you’re off Earth.

If I am uncertain, or uncomfortable in trance, I need to tell you, wait and listen, or have the courage to say that I can’t quite get it at this point.  It’s part of my old pattern of needing to please, and now badly wanting to please you too.  She said I need to be more gentle with myself and trust that they will tell us what we need to know and much, much more.  She also said we will get much of the “science” stuff you are interested in as part of our story while it unfolds, that it will be revealed in the context of events from past experiences, and to stop putting so much pressure on myself. I will put these notes at the end of the “trance-script,” and you can do the same.  I will read your transcription notes again to see if there’s anything else.

I am really beyond blown away by this post-trance trance and very comforted and reassured.  I will share a bit of our experiences with Karen today, who is my dearest and closest friend, and who was part of the monthly sessions we did about Egypt and ETs.  Looking forward to my surprise call tonight.

Loving you in cosmic measure on a cloudy morning,



Commentary by Ted

Sept. 29, 2021 [2nd ed.]

It was an ordinary enough Tuesday trip to town for groceries and a mail stop at the post office, except for the appointment with the dental hygienist, which as always, would be uncomfortable for the time spent in the chair but a bit of a relief when finished and walking out the door … as it was. Next stop, Big Trees Market with the usual chase through the outer aisles for the usual suspects to keep the home kitchen running for three sittings per day. I parked in a slot directly in front, picked up my insulated bag and made my way into a nearly empty store as is typical for two midweek discount days for local seniors.

I had gone down one aisle and back on the next when I noticed an older woman pushing a cart in my direction who was immediately captivating because of her milky white hair, white tee shirt with small writing on it that I was too modest to stare at for an attempted reading (she, like my dear wife Julie, was also noticeably well-endowed in the upper part of the female profile). She was also wearing svelte black pants and dark sunglasses (was she a celeb?). There had been a slightly amusing incident from my last trip to the Big Trees Market when I took a cell picture of a couple of large “hybrid” pumpkins in the produce section that Julie and I both found very strange and curious (with the shared subtext that she was the “pumpkin lady” because of her upper female profile …).

So I went through the aisles … and kept seeing this same white-haired woman in the sunglasses back and forth in this slow-motion afternoon shopping space; we clearly noticed each other but did not nod or speak. I had a light food shopping day and kept going, getting the ice cream last to get through the short amount of hot weather remaining for the week on the drive back, and pushed the loaded cart out to my Four Runner when I happened to notice that this same woman, parked next to me in a white Subaru, was similarly putting her groceries in on the passenger side. We looked up and noticed each other and then both walked away from our vehicles towards the nearby Humane Society thrift store, arriving at about the same time to find it closed on a Tuesday. She also peeled off a single dollar bill to give to a homeless man who was reclining on the sidewalk, just like Julie might have done, I thought.

I don’t remember exactly who said what to whom first, but one of us said to the other something like, “It’s surprising that this store isn’t open on a Tuesday.” And she or I said back something like, “Yeah, they must be missing a fair amount of business, like ours …” By then we had arrived back at our vehicles and were about to get in and drive away when I had the impulse to say, “You sound like you might be from Texas …” She looked up with a puzzled glance and said, “That’s pretty close; it was only about thirty-five miles away from my home town of Hope, Arkansas.” And so we stopped and chatted for a few more minutes as she took off her sun glasses in a gesture of polite interest. I was momentarily taken back to memories of my grandparents who had lived in Arkansas before moving to Oklahoma to grow cantaloupes and watermelons on the farm where I also lived as a boy. I also remembered that Hope, Arkansas was the home town of Bill Clinton, but I didn’t mention that until we were saying our parting clichés. She said, “Hope, Arkansas had the biggest watermelons anyone ever saw …” I nodded in the affirmative and mentioned that I had grown up hustling watermelons on a farm in nearby Oklahoma, myself.

I then happened to recall that only the night before I had watched a very interesting movie about a Korean family that had moved from California to Arkansas because the soil there was so rich and productive, with hopes of growing Korean vegetables for the increasing number of Korean people emigrating to the USA (the movie was set in1983 with memories of the aftermath of the Korean War). I mentioned this story to her and added that the setting in the movie was Rogers, Arkansas, my grandfather’s home town. She asked me the name of the movie, but I couldn’t remember it at the time (It’s Minari, which I later looked up, the name of a traditional Korean healing herb). I told her that she would probably find this movie interesting, and I characterized it as having the theme of a Christian Korean family attempting to live with and understand backwoods Arkansas fundamentalists—without any other easy cultural clashes that might have been injected into any ordinary Hollywood conflict movie.

Well, the improbable conversation with this pleasant woman had been rather interesting and worth trying to find a way to continue on with, but I felt uncertain what to do next and sensed the same for her. I thought of Julie—who was now back at her house in Colorado—and the fact that the day before had been our sixth wedding anniversary, and that this woman was also likely married or otherwise situated with family responsibilities or the like, and I began to realize that I should not appear to be overly transported by our chance meeting so as to cause disappointment in having to acknowledge or mention such other countervailing circumstances … so I just told her that she could probably find the name of the newly-released movie I had described, which was produced by Brad Pitt. She nodded. I smiled and said that I had really enjoyed meeting her and hoped she would be having a nice afternoon. She responded in a similarly affable way. And then we both got into our vehicles and drove off, I imaging that we were both feeling a tinge of regret that we couldn’t have had a little more time to get acquainted, but such had to be the path of separate ways this time around for such mature people as ourselves (Astrology: I later found that Saturn was conjunct the Ascendant during this whole time with lots more ripe for emergence).

I drove back via the post office to drop off the movie disc in the mail box and then back up my bumpy backroad, arriving at the final segment when I noticed directly in front of me three large sugar pine cones lined up end to end in the tire track as if someone had placed them there for me to discover (they were not there in the road on the drive into town just a few hours before). I immediately stopped the truck and got out for a closer look. There they were, as big, ripe and sappy as any fallen sugar pine cones I’d ever seen—and I was something of a collector of them, having brought a pair of huge ones to Julie for Christmas and planted several of the trees on my property over the years as well—which had survived because I watered them. This was also the very place where Julie and I had witnessed a funny scene several years before of a young squirrel trying to drag one of these huge pine cones out of this same spot in the road bed, and it had just kept running away and coming back but was still unable to budge the big spiral banger. We had stopped then in mirth and watched until the animal became so frantic at being watched it just finally gave up and scurried up the nearby sugar pine tree to let us pass.

In the meantime I had gotten some of the wet and sticky pine sap on several fingers from merely picking them up ever so gingerly as to avoid doing so, and putting them on the floor mat on the passenger side. I wondered what to do about the stickiness on my fingers since it would get on anything I touched, like the steering wheel and shifter lever, and then remembered one of the little asides given by our dear friend Hilarion years ago that putting fresh pine sap on the middle of the forehead will stimulate the brow chakra with an energy burst that can be noticeably pleasant and lingering. I brought my index finger up to my forehead and dabbed on some of the wonderfully fragrant sap … and as I had noticed previously a few years back, the feeling of elation in which I was already immersed was raised to an impressive level in my head. The fragrance of fresh pine sap was rather like that of stored apples: rich, sweet, penetrating and quite satisfying (!).

When I got back to the house, as I walked past the dining room table, I happened to notice the two long black Raven wing feathers, along with a shorter body feather and a downy short one, that I had placed beside the single sugar pine cone in the wooden bowl that I had made a half century ago in high school—just before I left on my day trip earlier that day, thinking at the time—that old pine cone is getting fairly dry and drawn-looking sitting there in the sun every day … maybe I would be so lucky as to find another one some day. Well, today was already that day of this new sugar pine cone bonanza! But really (!); how could all these obviously enmeshed circumstances have happened together at the same time? Was the amazing little vignette at the food store—with all the associated elements of synchronicity involving a woman’s white hair, like enough unto white feathers, with black slacks and dark sunglasses along with real black feathers that I had just moved after finding on the ground only a few days before—potent enough to cut the three pine cones down from their moorings all at once onto my road while it was happening, for me to find on my drive home? There hadn’t been any wind to speak of that day either.

As I thought more about it, I was stunned by the extent of the complexity of this little afternoon caper as I recounted the story to Julie in the evening afterwards. She, having just finished a book treating the subject of synchronicities (Symbol & Synchronicity), was equally intrigued. It was especially noteworthy for the additional corresponding links to our TC Session 6 here, which I had also been editing for this 2nd edition of our Star Table book earlier on this very day. This early session was the context in which the mysterious White Eagle appears for the first time; Asafah tells me he was the one who projected the realistic white wading bird image to me on the previously-cited day hike; and Phindar was the White Eagle both times in the fabled White Eagle Initiation experiences I had written about at some length in my contactee memoir Winged Messengers, which was also first revealed here. Julie and I wondered together: how is it possible (?) or how do They do it (?), bringing these situations together for us to marvel over. Does it involve a personal awareness gained through monitoring, as Samael outlines, and then making a clever situation come together, or is it just something our intelligently-connected Universe does on its own to nudge along those in the mix who are willing to be awakened a bit further along the way? We agreed we didn’t know but would have to ask this question someday when back with our dear exo-friends and family in a future session.


C:\Users\M4800\Pictures\My Pictures\Eagles\Golden Eagles\DSC02253.JPG

“Right wing on the fly” of one of the pair of golden eagles often seen around Ted’s house


  1. That is, Asafah, Lysah, Phindar and Rhi.
  2. We had both awakened a number of times during the night about that time, and after looking at nearby illuminated digital clocks, as noted in the Supplementary Synchronicities, found that the time was exactly 4:44 am.
  3. Such as the then-pending destruction of Earth’s atmosphere by chloro/ fluorocarbons, then used in refrigerants—see Message from the Pleiades, V.1.
  4. A sighting of Sirius by Julie and Ted, as was differently interpreted by them, here reprised in Commentary by Ted in Supplementary Synchronicities.
  5. This incident occurred, as was also noted in Session 5, in the mid-nineties not far from Ted’s house, when on a day hike a girlfriend and he spotted what looked like a white wading water bird of a kind that neither of them had ever seen before and could not identify, a bird which “should not have been there” … and which promptly disappeared—another “white bird” that I had not connected with the White Eagle appearances … and had even nearly forgotten, until reminded here. So, it was Asafah who projected the mysterious white bird image.
  6. The White Eagle sightings and these other contact events are described in greater detail in Ted’s book entitled Winged Messengers, a Contactee Memoir, (BookBaby, 2017).
  7. That is, Rhi and Phindar, the future selves of Julie and Ted, on the one hand, and Lysah and Asafah, Ted’s related family members, also from the future on the other.
  8. Now thirty years and it still has not happened. [2nd ed.]