Telepresence Conference 71

December 24, 2015


The scene is set in the south of France the day before Christmas in an olden historical time as the entrance takes on a curious “level of ceremony” as J&T meet with the animals and prepare for a longish discussion of Ted’s girlfriend Dale from early school days and then a free-wheeling trek through the highpoints of the destruction of the ancient planet Maldek and its scattered family of planets and moons, including Mars and our Moon with its hidden ET bases.


Hosted, conducted & transcribed by Ted, the transcript is speaker-identified open-text dialogue with shorter comments of the opposite speaker placed in-line in corner brackets (“< … >“). This session was recorded by Ted with Julie at her house in Pagosa Springs, CO. After a brief induction visualization by Ted, Julie begins speaking …

*      *      *       *

Julie– So, I came down the series of escalators very slowly and saw you … and then White Wing … both dressed in what looked like “Father Christmas” outfits in a way similar to the figure I have on the window sill.[1] Both of us are wearing long white robes that have trains and very long sleeves … I don’t know what to call those kind of sleeves … maybe wizard sleeves, like your Merlin costume … with hoods on the robes at our back. They’re not made out of fur but some sort of white … what feels like flax or something … anyway, very warm, but we’re dressed very much for the occasion, and I wanted to note that when you walked in from the left to meet me at the bottom of the escalators, it had a level of ceremony … I would humorously say, “Pomp and Circumstance” but different than ever before … you came slowly as if it were in a ceremony or ritual, and the same was true when my animals joined me, coming in from the right, and Tygon the wolf … did his normal wonderful howl of greeting and hugging and wolf kisses … then he turned around as we descended the marble stairs very much like a procession. <Hmm …>

So, we’re now all down at the bottom of the stairs, and I have the feeling that this building that we’re often in, which I think reminds me of this place in Provence, the French provincial place or period. It’s all decorated for Christmas, but in the way that would have been true at that time, with lots of greenery … there are red ribbons, lots of candles everywhere. So, we’re walking straight ahead today into—it’s different—normally we get into a room and either go to the right or the left, but we’re walking straight ahead today, into what seems like a large ballroom. I think we’ve been in a room like this before, but it was in a slightly different location … so, we’re walking straight ahead towards an enormous fireplace … let’s see, this room is rectangular … we’re walking in on one of the long sides. I would guess it’s 20 by 30 feet anyway, and there’s a huge fireplace on the opposite wall along with windows that look out onto a lawn that is also snow-covered as in the season we’re experiencing here. It’s a huge fireplace …

Ted– Is the fireplace on the short wall or the long wall?

Julie– … the long wall, opposite to the one we’re coming in from. There’s an enormous tree … as we walk in on one long wall, the fireplace is in the center of the other long wall, and there’s a huge tree in what would be to the left of the fireplace in the corner … decorated with red ribbons and candles. We’re going to be seated at a table that is rectangular, and it is close to the short end to our right … and that table is probably five feet on the short end—I don’t know if I said that—and eight feet on the long ends.

Ted– Is the long axis of the table parallel to the wall?

Julie– It is. So, we’re coming in and sitting at our normal position where 6 o’clock would be, which is close to the long axis of the wall we came in on … if that makes sense (?) … so we’re facing the fire place. Hilarion and Athena are opposite us, on the short end …

Ted– Am I on your left? <Yes> And who’s directly across from you?

Julie– Athena is directly across from me, and Hilarion is across from you. <Ok, good …> Ariel and Michael are seated at 3 o’clock—he is on her left. They’re at the 3 o’ clock position, but they each have a chair. At 9 o’clock is the Merlin figure, who attends sometime … Lysah and Asafah are at 10 and 11… Rhi and Phindar are at 1 and 2—she’s at 1; he’s at 2. Your guides Samael and Jhinda … Samael is next to you at 7, and she’s at 8. And the White Lions are here at 4 and 5. Meena is next to Michael … sorry, so the Lions, Meena is at 4, and Haluyah is at 5, next to me. So, on “my side of the table” … White Lions, Michael and Ariel, and Rhi and Phindar, and “on your side” … Samael and Jhinda, and Lysah and Asafah. <Right> So, that’s everybody here today.

Ted– Am I ready to start, then?

Julie– Yes … just to say, the Pleiadians are dressed in their sort-of “normal” what looks like ‘space-suit attire’ to me. Hilarion and Athena are in period dress, a wonderful sort-of holiday attire of this time period, and I’m being told that we’re in the present, but the scene is being depicted of the same time you and I lived in the south of France in a very happy lifetime. Samael and Jhinda also always dress in a sort-of robes and outfits that look like they belong in an earlier time—earlier than even where we are now … and the Lions … just look like the Lions. <[chuckles]> Ok, I guess we’re ready for questions.

Ted– Ok, I’m very happy to be present again after a while, and grateful to everyone for being present with us today. I have my questions, but I guess I would call for anyone who feels they have preliminary remarks to make, such as the nature or the date and time we are in, to have a moment first if they should wish to …

Julie– Well, it’s Athena who just wishes to say that we can proceed, but she would just like to say that in their experience the most difficult thing for beings in a human or incarnational experience is to remember what they came to do and who they are outside of that incarnation … it’s difficult to remember the bigger picture, which puts it all into context … and they hope to help us with that today.

Ted– Well, we thank her for that opening remark, and I assume we would prefer to remember more than we do about some of these missing conscious contents, particularly as we may discuss some such circumstances from earlier parts of our lives today. I’ll start with myself since I have just been dreaming of a girl I knew when we were growing up, whose name was Dale Falkenstein. She seems to have disappeared many years ago when the college she attended for only a year said she left no forwarding address, and subsequent attempts to learn more have failed—though I did have one letter from her many years ago. We had a friendship and brief young romantic involvement that concluded with a kind of longing on my part that lasted over the years and clearly seemed to affect my involvement with girls and women for the duration, even up to meeting Julie. So, perhaps they could tell us something about what was going on with this situation during those formative years—and perhaps what happened to Dale during later years.

Julie– Hilarion says he’s scanning. [pause] He says she hasn’t disappeared; we might even try Facebook. <Really (!)> She married twice; she has children, a boy and a girl; the boy is older. At some point she moved from Chicago to Florida … changed her name twice … married someone first who became very wealthy, but the relationship was extremely difficult for her … <That must have been when she lived in New York.> Yes, New York first, Florida later … Hilarion says she’s actually back in Chicago.

Ted– Hmm, was she an ET hybrid like us?

Julie– They’re saying, “Yes.”

Ted– She was so exceptional … Pleiadian also?

Julie– Just a second … he’s scanning … [pause] It’s Asafah who’s saying that one of the reasons that that relationship was so strong for you is that she’s in the category of someone that you also know in the future. <[softly] Really …?> Apparently not someone in recent lifetimes that you were romantically connected with, but someone from your soul family … and someone who is alive and someone you know in the future time as Phindar. Her name in the future is something like Leicester or Leaster, something that sounds kind-of German. I know her, too, in the future.

Ted– Can they tell us her name to look for on Facebook?

Julie– I’m getting the sense that we can find her under that name, even though the married names might be there, too. It would be used as a middle name … I’m trying to get … first married name something like Horowitz … children are from the first marriage … I can’t get the second name. So, Athena is saying that you had the early experience of being closely connected with someone who was part of the same experiment; I did not have that experience myself, so … she has apparently also struggled in her life with her differences ,,, in her questions, but according to what they’re showing me at least … and this may be incomplete … she did not have the opportunity to really understand or learn—and would have had difficulty in learning what it was … Her brother also was part of this experiment. And in their case, it was also the same ET father, which apparently does not happen too much. She has struggled in her life with her questions to understand but also living the life of a well-to-do person with status in different places. Hilarion is essentially saying she married for money, position and security both times … and has not really been in a loving situation marriage-wise … very close to her children. Apparently they’re active in various causes and volunteer in many things, in that traditional way.

So, Lysah is saying you had the experience of being close to someone who is quite like you, and actually part of the same experiment, and they gave that to you as compensation for no siblings and the difficult relationship with your mother … and how she was affected by the experience. It made her fragile mental state much worse because she never really understood what happened to her, but knew that something was not right, or something was different. <Do you mean Dale or my mother?> I’m talking about your mother. <Right> Dale has wondered but never suspected what could be the cause of the difference … She strove her whole life to be more “normal” or to “fit in” but was always influenced by the early relationship with you and your friends. <[softly] Wow (!)> That was the only time she ever felt normal … <Umm …> Phindar is saying that none of the difficulties that any of us in this experiment who connected with each other at some point in time felt is that our memories, or the most powerful memories we had as children were as connections with others who were also in the experiment, whom we knew, because that spoke to us about who we really are. And then we had to try to live in the other part of our life where we felt as if we didn’t fit in.

Ted– Um-hmm, were any of the other people in my young group of friends also ET-hybrids like ourselves … like Dale and myself? Like my friend Jerry Tagami, for example?

Julie– Jerry was one; it doesn’t sound like the others were—they were just exceptional kids.

Ted– So what would his ET extraction have been since he was Japanese … and looked fully Japanese?

Julie– Sirian, they’re telling me.

Ted– Sirian …? Jerry was just recently deceased …

Julie– He was not part of this project, but he was an ET hybrid.

Ted– He was a great friend of Dale’s, too. She was one of his best friends.

Julie– So, the three of you recognized this quality and identity in each other … <Um-hmm> Phindar is saying that you and I were already connected and friends … they’ll talk about the night school next … and that the connection allowed you to have some sense of your true nature and the reality of what was happening with you in your normal waking life. So, Dale apparently had the night school experience, too. <With us?> Um-hmm.

So, it’s Asafah who’s going to talk about that part.

Ted– Ok, but before we get to that, you had also spoken about Karol, my ex-wife of some number of years ago now, who tragically did not survive onset of brain cancer, and I had mentioned to you that Karol and Dale looked quite similar, both being of Jewish extraction, and so forth … can we talk a little about Karol and some of her circumstances? And perhaps what happened to her?

Julie– Hilarion is saying that Karol was not a hybrid, but that you had definite karma with her, but there definitely was a connection, made in your mind or subconscious between your feelings for Dale and an attempt of your subconscious to complete the experience … A separate karmic link, however, from the life in Russia.

Ted– Yes, of course, she was a Russian Jew, it’s quite true; that explains my involvement with Jewish people from Russia.

Julie– Yes, they’re telling me she was your wife in that lifetime as well, and that … <Her previous husband in this life had been Polish …> So, I keep seeing all these pictures, like movies … she was apparently your wife in the Russian lifetime,[2] and dies somewhat tragically there, too. Have you been able to verify anything about his wife in your Vladimir research?

Ted– His wife is only mentioned briefly a few times in his memoir, although I think they both got out of Russia together successfully if I recall rightly, so she survived until the elderly period with him. Nothing was mentioned that was not seemingly “normal”—nothing that was strange. Hilarion says she pre-deceased you in that lifetime as well; she never got over having to leave Russia …

Ted– Wow, that fills in a lot of interesting blanks, all right.

Julie– It left her with a deep restlessness and sense of incompletion, sense of … anger, really. She did not blame you, but in a sense blamed the world … Hilarion is trying to explain this to me, to get a sense of the incredible unfairness because of … she came in with a Jewish body and culture this time, however, rebelled against it because of the unfairness … I have the very strong sense that she has been reborn as the child of one of her children ,,, the son, I think. <Yeah, Scott …> The daughter is more like her. Apparently you agreed to help her reconcile her anger in this lifetime, but she had a sort-of fatal restlessness <A restless Gemini> I have the sense she’s been reborn.

Ted– She had Moon in Scorpio, so that fits the tragic aspect …

Julie– I don’t sense her on the other side, giving you a message, but I sense that she was reborn again as a girl … <Good for her> But in those cases and in others you kept seeking … they’re telling me it isn’t so much … well, it’s rather complicated … Hilarion is trying to communicate to me, and I get the sense from Athena that it’s complicated … it was different for both of us. You kept searching in some way, longing in some way to have an understanding … driven almost … an understanding of why you were different, what was happening to you, and because Dale was a living person in your ordinary life, and had an answer in some way because she was one of us, and then when you were separated, part of the loss you felt was that you were never going to know that the answers to your questions would never be revealed.

Athena is telling me that you and I have had this connection, what I’m calling “night school” or “inner school,” on the “inner planes” … our entire life … as children and friends, and that it was always there, and that we always knew before we came into this lifetime that we would meet and be together, and Rhi and Phindar managed that in some ways. Hilarion is saying that my ten-year relationship with my birth mother who was so involved with Hilarion … she had the star-elixir book, so they were always working on us in some way, but that part of your sense of loss, this great fear that you would never really know what’s happening with you … so you were always searching and seeking and looking, and of course when you discovered … and Lysah is saying you got sent to Switzerland twice … sorry, this probably sounds very incoherent to you, but like I’m being shown all these things I’m sure are not random, but seem like random images … Phindar is saying that when you were in Switzerland and having the experience of knowing that something was going on across the hill or mountain, they were nudging you strongly, but you were waiting for someone to show up and tell you what to do, and for whatever reason you weren’t able to follow the nudge or intuition and just go in search of it. Of course, you were having a great time.[3] I don’t know; is that enough on that question? <Yes>

So, Rhi wants to tell me a bit about the night school thing. It was them who somehow were influencing my mind … so, what she’s saying is that the experience was virtual, very much like they do “real vision” … so, I never actually left the bed, but the experience was very real, and they did project images of themselves, and the whole experience was happening while part of my mind was sleeping and another part of my mind was having this very intense learning experience and that they were able to manipulate our consciousness in a way that, even though you would have been in Chicago, and I would have been in Ohio, our minds through their technology had the experience of being in a classroom together. So, I never understood that before—never understood how that was possible. That’s a new insight, that they were doing it though a facet of their real-vision technology, a fashion of being able to transmit like what Semjase did with Billy, where they can transmit information directly into your brain in some way.

And in my case the hunger to read science fiction books was a result of that because I was learning, even at that young age, about other cultures and ETs and starships. So, that was in a sense my way of trying to bring it into my conscious awareness, as you were doing with your relationship with Dale and Jerry. I guess that’s it for that, for now. Does it feel like that answers anything?

Ted– Yeah, I suppose that means that we were never in Florida or going to Florida or Switzerland; they were basically recreated as real-visions for us. <Yeah> So, that does help … us understand …

Julie– I never understood that before.

Ted– Maybe it would be worth asking whether we ever met any other hybrids like ourselves in earlier stages of our lives, apart from Dale and Jerry for me; were there ever any others we met in significant meetings or other situations up to the present?

Julie– They just told me Alan Oken was one, whom I‘ve been friends with for a very long time.

Ted– And what is his ET lineage?

Julie– Equal amounts of Pleiadian and Sirian … well, as we have sort-of been told, the Sirians have a very significant relationship with Tibet and that whole tradition. A couple of your teachers at Rice … <Luis Mackey, I presume.> Luis Mackey, no doubt … <Who else?> Another philosophy teacher (?) … did you have any female teachers?

Ted– The only one who comes to mind is a French teacher … a lovely woman …<Was she blond?> No, a brunette, very French looking … so there was a blond, you say?

Julie– I’m seeing a blond woman … <Was she a teacher or instructor?> well, someone from Houston … it could have been a classmate, someone you encountered …

Ted– I presume it wasn’t a silly girl named Anne Dockerty? <No> I can’t think of anyone who would fit that description.

Julie– This person was somewhat older than you were’ it could have been someone, a senior when you started out or someone who knew, maybe not well …

Ted– Could you give Mackey’s ET lineage?

Julie– I was going to tell you Tarnas was also … <Richard Tarnas, of course … so obvious.> As was Rowena Kryder, who really struggled … was never able to integrate her own awareness and … Mackey—pure Pleiadian. <Of course …> There’s another professor at Berkeley … <Jack London?> They’re nodding.

Ted– Professor James Jarret might have been the other. He was the dean of the school of education there—and the paramour of Karol when I first met her.

Julie– That’s right. You would have known or been attracted to certain people who you knew were extraordinary and who had an influence on you.

Ted– Should we ask about James Brown as well?

Julie– I’m being told by Hilarion that James’ primary influence is from Arcturus. He’s not a hybrid or ET, but that’s his lineage and the influence, and his guides are from there.

Ted– Well, he is rather advanced …

Julie– … and of course, he’s Irish and Cherokee, so … he has what seems to be an interesting combination. So, do we have more questions? … or where are we in that process?

Ted– I’m wondering if we’re finished with the “night school” part?

Julie– I think so for now.

Ted– Ok, let’s move on, then … and talk about something we’ve been looking at recently with David Wilcock, who is presenting his findings on the destruction of the planet Maldek, which he calls the “Super Earth” and Mars, which he believes had been a moon of Maldek, now blown out into its own planetary orbit, and we had wondered if they could confirm the general lines of that story, and whether the Pleiadians or other ET groups were involved … whether the destruction was primarily internal or external to the planet (?).

Julie– Hilarion says “Yes” to the moon question … He’s reminding us that there are other moons around Saturn, for example … Titan that would be a planet in its own right if it were in orbit around the Sun rather than around Saturn … so yes, absolutely, Mars was a moon of Maldek. He’s saying in the same way as Earth, which has not been revealed in some ways, that the planet was seeded, colonized by essentially the same groups of ET races that came to Earth, because the planets were habitable. So, it was not destroyed externally by an ET race, coming to colonize or conquer or take over; it was in fact, as has been said, destroyed by its own inhabitants through misuse of weapons.

Ted– Were those atomic or nuclear bomb type weapons or some other kind of super weapon?

Julie– Anti-matter … <[softly] Wow …> Nothing else would have actually destroyed the planet.

Ted– Is the date of approximately a half million years ago accurate for the time of its destruction?

Julie– Yes … he’s saying “Yes.” Since you asked a specific question, it can be answered.

Ted– Was it quite a lot larger than Earth, as believed by David? < Maldek, yes …> How much larger was it?

Julie-. It was a terrestrial planet, not a gas giant … [phone rings] Do you want to pause that and see who it is?

Ted– [Looks at caller i.d. and decides it’s unimportant] Ok, I think we’re back …

Julie– It was not a giant planet … like say, Jupiter … what they’re showing me … if I’m interpreting it correctly … it was about twice the size of Earth …

Ted– Well, that’s pretty big … so, it was the largest rock-solid planet (?).

Julie– Yes … yes, and so, in fact what Hilarion is explaining is that it was … although Mars was a moon, it was almost more like a “dual planet” system.

Ted– I see, right … and the beings on Mars were like those on Maldek and also on Earth (?). <Human> I mean various ET races would come there from various places …

Julie– Yes, a seeded combination that had gone on for a million years. <Wow> The same with Earth, and prior to what is now Venus, being knocked out of a lunar orbit around Uranus … those were the three planetary systems capable of having life in the Solar System. Maldek was destroyed; Mars was essentially destroyed … <… at the same time?> Well, I don’t know if anyone has ever said this before, and I don’t know if it’s right, but he’s saying that our Moon was also a moon of Maldek, and that the explosion blasted Mars into its orbit, and the Moon, our moon, into orbit around Earth. <[very softly] Wow> Has anybody ever said that before?

Ted– Not that I’ve heard … this is so far out that nobody has ever thought about anything like this before.

Julie– Our Moon was also inhabited at that point—it was a habitable moon as well when it was in orbit around Maldek.

Ted– Amazing … and that goes right to your next question … what’s on the Moon (?).

Julie– Asafah says that what is not our Moon has been used because of its proximity now to Earth, the only remaining habitable planet in our Solar System, and because of its unique synchronous orbit with Earth, it’s been used as a base, a location for comings and goings for a very long time. <Yes, right …> Ancient, ancient ruins as well as modern structures, modern bases and there’s apparently, Asafah is saying, there’s apparently some sort of … I can’t think of the word … I don’t think he knows the word, so I’m going to say “agreement” between multiple ET races and our Secret Space Program. <Like an accord …> Yeah, that’s a better word.

Ted– Is it an appropriate time to reveal whose bases are located there on the Moon?

Julie– 20 different races …

Ted– “20 different races…” All the usual ones, I presume, like the Pleiadians, Sirians, etc. that we cite (?) … but so many more, too? < Yes … yes> Are you ready for me to continue?

Julie– Yes. [pause] Again, I’m seeing all these different things. They showed me, and I don’t know if this has ever been said before, there’s a relationship between the Grays and the Draco, that the Grays were created by the Draco …

Ted– Oh, my god … wow, that’s something we’ve never heard before.

Julie– And some of them are fully sentient, but many of them are like clones.

Ted– Could they describe a little more about the Draco—are they present on the dark side of the Moon?

Julie– Yes, they have a presence there as well.

Ted– How would they be appropriately characterized? As humanoid of the kind we are familiar with on Earth or of a more radically different kind?

Julie– They’re called the Draco because they originally came from that part of the sky. Most people portray them in a monster-like way, which is not accurate; however, they do have beings, they do have domesticated … which is not really the right word because they’re really still quite wild … but that is the origin of the dragons. And Hilarion—I think he’s told us this before—that the Draco are almost always painted in this almost exclusively evil sort-of light, and some of them were, some of them are, but not all … and they have a component of their ancient race where they came from that is vastly wise, vastly powerful … and are the origin of the Chinese race. <[very softly] Wow …> Hence, the connection with the dragons, with all that’s represented and much of the wisdom, much of the healing knowledge … Japan as well. <Fascinating> The dragons are intelligent, some of them very intelligent, and apparently it is the presence of the dragons that has caused the portrayal of the Dracos as scaly, reptilian creatures, when in fact they’re humanoid. Some of them are quite large, but in fact they are the origin of the so-called Oriental races. I don’t think I ever knew that before.

Ted– Me neither … I don’t think Semjase knew that either.

Julie– The Draco race are humanoids, evolved with ferocious intelligence. and when corrupt, is also the origin of what is now called “The Cabal” on Earth … extreme polarization of the intellect without …[4] in some cases, not in all … many from this race are the source of what has been called the “Serpent Wisdom” … the Nagas of the Hindus, who are working hard to redeem the planet. That aspect of the Draco culture has a close alliance with the Sirians. And much of what is termed “Ancient Wisdom” is a blend of the knowledge of both of these. It’s the Sirians that have the … I can’t remember what they called it now … the “something Council of Truth and Light” … Terran … wasn’t that what we were told (?) … Terran Council of Truth and Light. <Yes, you’re right.>

So, what Hilarion wants us to know … he said there’s some risk … at some level simplistic human minds have tried to portray that one group of ETs is beneficent and another group of ETs is evil, when in point of fact, he is saying, it is just the same as with humans: there are noble beings of the highest light who wish only to help and serve while other have become corrupt or have used their power and technology almost to enslave … at some point. No one ET race can be lumped into such a category, he’s saying.

Ted– Well, that’s very helpful. [pause] Does that seem to be the end …? <I think so.> Oh, could we return for just a moment to the Mars theme … and find out a little more about Phobos, the satellite moon of Mars, which is being investigated as a possible ancient destroyed spacecraft hangar (?); we’re wondering if that is so, and what was the real situation with what is called the “Cydonia Plain” on Mars, the one with the supposed famous face on Mars (?).

Julie– Phobos is a large piece of Maldek that went into orbit around Mars—Demos the same—remnants of the shattered planet Maldek. Yes, correct, this is Phindar speaking, that part of the interior of Phobos was hollowed out for use or storage … apparently this is a portion of the interior of the original planet that was … more porous, had caves, and Phindar is saying it had something to do with the nature of the original substance to allow such a big chunk of it to remain together, but it and Demos went with Mars when they were jettisoned into their new location in orbit around Mars … and Earth, according to them, captured the Moon, which was much less spherical than it is now, through it’s own orbit and movement, has become more round.

Hilarion is speaking to the issue of Cydonia on Mars … he’s saying, “… not a face but an artificial construct” … ok, this is more bizarre than anything anyone else has said so far, but there was an element of “Real-vision” put into the consciousness of humanity to draw researchers to Mars … there are still many artificial structures there, many of them underground … [sighs] Hilarion is saying that it is not a monument—what is called “The Face”—but rather something used for navigation or landing or … something that was constructed and artificial. He’s telling me that large mile-long spacecraft would land or dock and remain there.

Ted– It’s partially destroyed now, of course …

Julie– Yes, it is partially destroyed … but is artificial. There was an outcropping, crafted in a similar way that the [Egyptian] Sphinx was crafted from an original outcropping, and the area around it was leveled into a large complex, most of which is underground; they are ruins.

Ted– So, some of the pyramid-looking buildings around Cydonia … they were like, inhabited cities … <Yes> with populations living underground (?) … and these were human races, rather like our own?

Julie– Human races like our own … ET races inhabited and reclaimed it after the planet was blasted out of its original orbit and into its new orbit.

Ted– So, those constructions were built after Mars was settled into its current orbit?

Julie– Yes, because apparently survivors—and there were many—couldn’t come to Earth because of the nature of what civilization was like here at that time; it was very primitive. Mars and Maldek were far more advanced at that point.

Ted– So, the flowing water, the mysterious flowing water, on Mars came from the time of the Maldek destruction when it was blasted away?

Julie– Apparently … there was water before on Mars …

Ted– “There was water before …” Mars had its own water before the destruction?

Julie– Yes … Mars was very Earth-like before its destruction.

Ted– … and Mars lost its water because it lost its atmosphere because of some kind of asteroid strike …? <Yes> Ok, then if you sense that’s the end of that topic … <I think so.> We don’t have too much more to do; how are you feeling?

Julie– Getting kind-of tired; I think it was a lot to take in.

Ted– Yeah, it’s been a lot of amazing material to take in today. So, this will be out last question … we have wondered if we can be told a little more about some of the more enigmatic races on Earth … people who have not yet been characterized in terms of their ET ancestry, like the Russians and perhaps especially the Cossacks, but generally as well, and the Basques in Spain who have a very unusual position among the other European racial groups, perhaps related to the Far-East …

Julie– I got a “yes” on that … and that the Russian lineage is Andromedan. The Andromedans, too, are incredibly polarized on the mental level … coming from a planetary system, those who have been most active on Earth … it’s a colder planet that’s further from its star. And I’m being told that the Basques do have the same lineage as the eastern races—dragons are big in their mythology, too.

Ted– Really, wow, fantastic! Did they arrive by ocean–going explorers from the Far East to Europe?

Julie– No, they were seeded directly … <Ohh … ok …> in the mountain areas.

Ted– Well, I think that covers most of what we had outlined for today, so we can come back from our questions and make a final query to see if there’s anything yet to be said, perhaps as a recap on the just completed year, regarding events here on Earth that would be interesting or valuable for us to know (?).

Julie– Well, when you were formulating that, I was getting this strong message, just to say that the presence of the Lions here today and Samael and Jhinda … they represent parts of ourselves that are both guides and space holders and protectors, and that’s why they often show up. Obviously the Pleiadians who came today were here to answer questions … I don’t think Ariel spoke today, but she of course, she and Michael represent future selves of ours from. We’ve been told, 4,000 years from the future …

So, Hilarion has a message for you, and these are the kind, , I will say, that are really troublesome for me …

Ted– All you need to do is relay the message.

Julie– He’s saying that he feels like your house will ultimately sell when you’re able to let go of the fear that you will lose me … <[very softly] Hmm …> and in his humorous way, he’s saying to me that I have never been far away from you for a half million years, and I’m not leaving now.

Ted– [soft chuckle] I’m not worried about your leaving …

Julie– Well, as I said, I … don’t know what it means, but I have to tell you. And Athena just said there is some fear that keeps you holding on in a way you are not consciously aware of.

Ted– Yeah, that’s probably reasonable enough … After all, it still is a fairly big step to get accomplished. <Yes>

Julie– Rhi just said, “They’re all cheering us on.” [knowingly] The Lions smiled. I have to tell you that’s just one of the most extraordinary things … It’s very toothy (!).

Ted– [laughs] Did they have any advice for you?

Julie– No, they’re here holding space, as are Samael and Jhinda. They are, I think, helping me open to this influence in a way my ordinary waking consciousness can’t.

Ted– Well, are they all complete, then?

Julie– I think so.

Ted– As always, it’s been amazing—more so than we could have possibly imagined—and we are grateful to have the privilege of asking our questions and having these extraordinary answers that almost no one understands very much about at the present time, especially in the midst of so much disinformation, but I’m confident it will factor into the major learning process eventually as circumstances in our Solar System allow us to come out of the more primitive stages here on Earth, as we have attempted to review and revalue the Ascension process along the way. So, I would thank our guests and primary collaborators who are our dear friends and family, especially Hilarion and Athena, for answering so much for us again today in their unique and inimitable ways. Would you like to make any final remarks?

Julie– I always express my humble gratitude that I feel so deeply for this experience and for the help—just for the ability to have this experience. Thank you to all of them (!).

Ted– [slightly wistfully] Ok … I would also thank you … and now, you can begin to realize that you are essentially finished for today and on the count of five … you will begin to return with all your senses correctly balanced for life in your familiar everyday world, being able to remember all that remains of interest to you … and without unknown or unwanted concerns …

*       *      *       *       *

Rising Full Moon in Leo with Alpen light over the Southern Rockies (Pagosa Springs, CO)


  1. Julie mentions White Wing here (in a Father Christmas outfit?), but he does not get seated at the table.
  2. As Vladimir Kokovtsov, finance minister and next-to-last prime minister in the Czar Nicholas II regime.
  3. This does sound a bit warmed-up to me now; at the time the situation was more like being strongly called to travel to Switzerland without particularly sufficient means or motive, and upon arriving, being left to my own devices. I wasn’t “waiting for someone to show up and tell me what to do;” I was waiting for some reason for my trip—which I had responded to—to emerge and be revealed, but it wasn’t. So, I wasn’t exactly having a great time; I mostly felt like a mere tourist re-tracing my steps and had no recourse but to finally return home. They may have expected too much to happen on its own or misjudged my situation, resulting in a likely missed opportunity for me to discover and visit Billy Meier, but that was the state of play in the hidden spook game at the time.
  4. Unfortunately, Julie did not finish her thought here verbally, but the almost obvious choice would be “empathy” or “compassion.”