Winged Messengers

Winged Messengers by Ted Denmark was awarded the Gold medal for new ebooks of 2017
at the INATS Convention in Denver, CO, July, 2018.

Winged Messengers

Wisdom and love together are the wings of life that lift us
towards the character and being of The CREATION.

–Semjase, Message from the Pleiades, 2nd ed. V. 1 Contact 10


by Ted Denmark, Ph.D.

R7 version release for print publication,

March 14, 2017

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All unattributed photos and artwork including book covers were done by the author.

Golden Eagle sculpture in bronze
at the ENCAR Building, Boulder, CO.


Preface to Winged Messengers

Reflecting back over the latter half of my life, dating roughly from the time of the “White Eagle Initiation,” recounted in Part 2 of the book, as the most obvious conscious beginning of this Contactee Memoir, I realize I have only very recently been able to fully accept the manifold of my experiences with off-planet extraterrestrials from a time in our Earth-based future. I also understand more about the earlier half too, even from the beginning of my 72 years on Earth—and what a long, strange … and unusually interesting trip it has turned out to be! I refer to this as my ‘Identity Convergence,’ the main impetus for offering this book-length story of what will probably be unbelievable accounts for many if not most people to take seriously. I would have been unsure of what to make of such claims myself only a couple of decades ago.

I started writing about the White Eagle incidents more than a decade ago to report on my unusual experiences having obvious UFO/ET links, which I felt needed to be documented. They had impacted me deeply, and as I slowly overcame my doubts, I didn’t want to forget some of the details of these bizarre events—the powerful imprints of the core experiences themselves were likely never to be forgotten! But then it began to occur to me that this sequence of incidents—that as far as I knew were unique—really were significant, not just for the sake of making a report but for projecting and honing my own remaining trajectory in life. As always, I was afraid I would never find out why these unusual events had happened to me—what it could mean and what it was really about. And I never forgot the similarly persistent insight I had when I was twelve years old that I should or would become a writer—but it would take a while because I had so much to learn before I would finally be ready. My whole “career” in life has led up to this …

And then it all came together nearly fifty years later with the “Coming of the Golden Eagles” (Part 3) … around the time I met Julie Loar, with whom I was able to make strategic contact (with a little help from our Dear Friends), as kindred spirit and delightful companion; deep mind-field investigator; co-author; and now lovely wife in our Grand Adventure together—and without whom I probably would never have been able to have the breakthroughs that finally allowed me to assemble the puzzle pieces. She was the catalyst, the Alchemical Philosopher’s Stone that provided the extraordinary insights to induce my remaining essential identity transmutation.

This latter stage of my contactee story that began with Julie and the Golden Eagles only five years ago—the excerpted accounts from our Telepresence Conferences with ETs and Celestial Guides, which is the sub-title of our Five Star Series of books—was largely revealed through so-called “hypnotic trances” that I conducted with her after I learned of her prior experience as a practiced hypnotic subject. The unfortunate confusion of all the varieties of hypnosis with “sleep” is still prevalent after a couple of centuries of experimentation in mainstream psychological investigations, such as they have been, yet without a clear understanding or differentiation. As “our ETs” have made clear to us, nothing could be further from the truth—discovery of which, as always, has been my main objective as would-be realist and sometimes romantic rationalist. Rather, ‘waking hypnosis’ (hip gnosis?) of the kind exhibited by Julie, is still a bit mysterious—she does it so easily and so well. I am now convinced this gift, talent or whatever it is, should be seen as a space-time viewport made available through the superconscious mind function of a few rare individuals who have been able to prepare themselves for such a quest. Julie, a modest person by nature and unsure how this enhanced psychic function actually works, is indeed a remarkably gifted “hypnotic subject” as I have been able to see in depth over many hours of working together with her in our sessions.

This covers some of the essential explanation for the segments excerpted from the books co-written with Julie (two currently in ebook publication, three remaining to be finished), which shed quite a lot of light on my involvement with birds, particularly white birds, over the course of a lifetime. Most of my incidents with birds in the earlier years seemed ordinary enough to me at the time and just happened spontaneously, so I never thought it went beyond the common range of experience. The White Eagle incidents began a more heightened awareness of birds, particularly raptors, and then the Golden Eagle chronicles, recounted in the final sections of this book, took it to a whole new level, which is still continuing but at a somewhat decreased pace—the intended result has largely been achieved, I suspect—though incidents continue to occur.

What is most unusual, of course, is the link claimed between various bird experiences and stages of my increasingly conscious involvement with the group of ETs who told us they came from the Pleiades three hundred and thirty years in our future, and that Julie and I are Pleiadian-Earthuman hybrids in a “Genetic Reclamation Experiment” with Earthuman mothers and Pleiadian exo-fathers—the details of those events are in our first book The Star Table Trance Missions. Many of these revelations were disclosed to us by Semjase, the same star woman figure I first encountered in the Eduard Billy Meier Contact Notes made famous by Wendelle Stevens. The birds have been used by “our ETs” to communicate with Julie and me because these space-time travelers from the star system Taygeta are not allowed to appear openly on Earth … for various complex reasons. Sometimes these birds are just natural birds living in my mountain home environment, going about their normal activities; and sometimes the same birds are manipulated by these ETs, some of whom are my actual exo-family members; but sometimes the birds are only visions in the sky or in my mind, created and manipulated by ET technologies that are almost unimaginably advanced by Earth standards … according to our transcripts.

I suspect that for some readers not particularly involved in the UFO/ET enigma, a story like this may seem to be a clever way to float an improbable sci-fi fantasy with a new twist on an already well-mined genre. That’s ok … but I hope they can at least follow and enjoy the story … and the pictures of the amazing birds, particularly the Golden Eagles! But as Julie often says, “If I’m making all this stuff up myself, I’m really good because I haven’t a clue how I could be doing it.” And like our dear Lady Athena, “We really love the birds.” Here then begins Part 1

* * *