My Little Angel

My Little Angel

Discovering a Crystal Portal

(an excerpt from Winged Messengers)

by Ted Denmark

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I have been fascinated with crystals for a number of years because many are so interesting and attractive looking, often in a quite beautiful or curious way, at least for the many now reaching various public shows and markets from around the world. These large and small crystals, gems, specimens, minerals, or just unusual rocks, provide a shared interest for quite a large number of enthusiasts—myself included because, as I discovered some time ago, I am evidently one of a small number of people who can hear them “singing.” At least this was the way of speaking about this curious phenomenon in the Edgar Cayce psychic readings where I first heard of it. By “crystals,” I would also include the more dramatic gem stones, which are usually crafted into jewelry, as has been the custom from the earliest times of human culture, often in settings with noble metals.

As a collector of various common crystals, I had gone to gem and mineral shows and purchased a number of smaller samples of quartz, infused with certain trace chemicals, appearing in a wide range of familiar varieties: amethyst, rose, smoky, rutilated, optically clear, etc. These crystals usually have a characteristic look depending upon their origin; for example, Arkansas crystals though often notably clear, sometimes have a certain coating that gives them a “milky” look. Brazilian crystals seem to have a brilliant sparkle while Madagascar stones seem to be the most amazing of all in coloration and form and also seem to me to have the strongest vibration or “singing voice.”

I have attempted to describe this “singing” that I associate with crystals to people who aren’t “sensitives,” but it doesn’t usually seem to make much sense to them, at least at first. While “singing” may be an interesting metaphor, it may also be a little misleading. The phenomenon probably originates in the resonance of the crystal lattice which is oscillating at a very high frequency, typically at radio frequency levels (remember the crystal set radio?) in the kilohertz range. This would be too high for the ear to be able to hear, but there seems to be something within the human antenna system of nerves—for some people—that can detect this signal and somehow allow us to become aware of it … as what is like a sound of very high frequency, but is far beyond the 20,000 cycles per second that marks the high frequency range of people with very good hearing. I suspect, based upon informal inquiries, that it is people with very good hearing who are also most likely to be able to sense this crystal vibe of the singing crystals.

The majority of smaller quartz crystals don’t actually put out enough of a signal to be heard “singing,” even by me, unless I focus with heightened interest for a bit, and even then it usually seems weak. The strongest vibe seems to come from the “smokies,” but the generic small crystals are very mild in their transmission signal. Larger crystals can be very different, as we will see.

If one desires to explore this phenomenon to test one’s own sensitivity to crystals, the best place to start is with copper crystals, particularly Azurite and Malachite, which generally have the strongest vibe, apart from Madagascar varieties like Celestite. The mines around Bisbee, Arizona produce large quantities of Azurite and Malachite (which are chemically identical, differing only in number and arrangement of water molecules in the lattice structure) that are readily available from gem and mineral shops and dealers. The Azurites are beautiful blue stones from light to very dark blue, and the Malachites are in a similar range of greens. They are neither generally hard enough to be mounted in wearable jewelry, so they make very good mineral specimens for display. I have one near spherical Azurite macrocrystal that has the most powerful vibe of any crystal-gem that I have yet found (aside from some larger emeralds and diamonds that I have been able to hold momentarily).

Certain kinds of rare and beautiful crystals, quartz and otherwise, can be quite valuable and expensive as one gets into the museum quality range for size and appearance. Occasionally one sees exhibits of these exceptional crystals in shows or personal collections that are amazing to behold, particularly to me since the transmission vibe can be so powerful. The most amazing crystal I ever witnessed was in a local Motherlode exhibit at the Kautz Ironstone Winery in Murphys, CA, only a few miles from my house, where the largest gold nugget ever discovered, in a mine near Jamestown, was put on public exhibition. This huge (probably a three foot cube) delicately filigreed natural gold and quartz sculpture was kept underground in a secret mine tunnel for a long time because no safe large or secure enough could be found to store it. It presented an amazing transmission signature as I marveled when walking by it in a line that went out the door and far around the building. Curiously, years later when they re-opened the exhibit of this reputed “largest gold nugget ever discovered,” the real thing had been stealthily replaced by a fairly good replica, probably to satisfy insurers … but the singing was also gone!

So, I became somewhat fascinated with larger quartz crystals, though the cost was mostly out of range for my modest budget as an amateur collector. I can remember a “New Age” gathering in Marin County back in the late Sixties when someone who had called a “Meeting of the Ways” of various traditional, mystical, Asian, psychedelic, or any other, gurus and seekers of that time and place to come together for a conference. He brought out a large beautiful quartz crystal and set it on a pedestal at the beginning of the proceedings, attaining instant credibility and high-minded seriousness. For me, in retrospect, it became the most (and really only) memorable event of the proceedings!

San Francisco, always a very lively place, used to host an annual show near downtown, called ‘Whole Life Expo’ (later, ‘New life Expo’), an encyclopedic exhibition of life styles, amazing breakthrough products, healing modalities, channelers, humorists, massage products and much else as well as … lots of crystals. It really was an amazing production over a long weekend, the enthusiastic expression of the interest of a generation for exciting breakthrough knowledge and awareness. Of course there were many marketing opportunities not lost on some of the more enterprising young business people of that time either …

I don’t remember the year, but it had to be the early Nineties, towards the end of the life cycle of this big annual show, which had finally begun to fade in interest after a successful decade and a half long run, where I found a very impressive display of large quartz crystals, some exceptionally colorful and beautiful. I spent a fair amount of dream time gazing (and listening!) to this array of crystalline monoliths that blended into each other, as the exhibitor warmed to me after several return trips. Most of these items cost into hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of dollars, but they easily impressed me as worth every dollar, a perception not likely lost on the vendor.

When the time came on late Sunday for the show to be over and needing to be broken down, I went back for one last look at the crystal titans, and the proprietor, who evidently had not sold very many items of his impressive inventory, was delaying the final re-packaging of the lot. He welcomed me back, probably in hopes of a last sale. I felt obliged to tell him that his beauties were actually out of range for purchase on my budget, but I wanted to have one more look before heading home. He was a bit disappointed but asked me whether I didn’t really want to buy one anyway? I looked at him to try to gauge his seriousness and saw he was probably feeling generous if a little desperate (did he need gas money?). I told him I only had $50 with me—it wasn’t before credit cards and check books but cash is king at the end of a show like this when the burgeoning enthusiasm has ebbed, and he probably didn’t want to risk taking a bad check as his last disappointing stroke of luck—he also didn’t have a still-working credit card reader …

So he showed me a rather large crystal that was about eight inches in diameter and fourteen inches tall (I actually just measured it, still very much in my possession, positioned as the main figure on my “dharma table” only ten feet away from where I am sitting as I write). It had a somewhat chipped top edge, probably from the explosive charge used in mining the crystal vein it came from. It was likely a fait accompli from the moment I first saw the impressive display of large crystals that I would be able to have one in spite of my frugality, and soon afterwards I found my non-negotiable offer accepted as I walked out with a box weighing … probably 30 pounds (a good first guess but, I did also weigh it on the bathroom scale, and it comes in at … 28 pounds—not one for your girlfriend’s neck chain pendant).

When I got back to the new house I was building in the Sierra Foothills the following weekend, I was able to have a more relaxed time to make the acquaintance of my maxi-crystal in greater depth. I didn’t know where to put it at first and just laid it down on a pillow in the middle of the living room couch for a moment, and sank into the cushion to admire it. There is a great satisfaction in having found something as pleasing as this was to me at that moment. My eyes went over the soft-colored dusty rose translucent facets—it was a single large macro-crystal of unknown origin. It had some of the reddish ferric tint on some of the crevices around its natural base—it was nearly “dual terminated” (points at both ends) with just one irregular surface where it had been broken away from its matrix. Except for being translucent rather than transparent, I thought it might be an Arkansas native, but I really had no idea. I knew that a lot of the big pieces like this one came from South America, but I didn’t really care at that moment since the “tone” of this beautifully well-balanced and proportioned prize seemed so … mellow and soothing. Was it a Madagascar prize? I’m now inclined to think so.

My eyes continued to trace the outline of the colors and network of edges and facets as I drank it all in … or until I began to feel that something very unusual had started to happen … I realized I was now almost swimming in the changing visual pattern of lines and shapes making up the crystal before me. I just held my gaze in stillness and increasing surprise and curiosity as the web of intersecting lines began to transform into something completely different. What emerged from this shifting, morphing pattern as it reassembled itself before me was something I had never observed before: a bright and shining … and quite beautiful, classically appointed, smiling little Angel (with wings) that fully covered the field of the crystal from top to bottom! This image was far beyond dreamlike in its ultra-surrealism, but could it be really real?

I was astounded but also filled with joy as this charming figure and I just looked at each other … me more in astonishment, she smiling very broadly seemingly almost to the point of having to restrain her exuberant amusement from breaking out into full laughter. So this was what all the tradition of angels was about—I had never really taken it seriously before, but this was surely my time to find out! We continued to gaze at each other, she maintaining her amusement at having decided (?) to reveal herself to me in my deep moment of curiosity about my new crystal, and I looking at this diminutive figure, trying to understand what I was witnessing in so surprising a moment. She had very fair hair and skin of the peaches-and-crème variety, with expressive eyes that appeared to be aware of looking at me. Her wings appeared at rest, classically etched (feathered?) and rising a bit above her head symmetrically to either side. She moved little if at all, except for her eyes … I’m not sure I registered what she was wearing very well (she was small and about three feet away) but had bare arms and shoulders covered below in a draped garment—at least I don’t remember seeing fitted garments.

Wow, here was a really cute little angel that had evidently come to greet me from within the crystal! What should I do? I think I attempted to acknowledge inwardly how grateful I was that she would have trusted me enough to make an appearance, and … yes, how much I loved her for doing so. Was there anything I should know or try to understand? I wasn’t hearing anything from my singing crystal; it was seemingly all a long moment of silence that continued to persist, probably for a total of almost twenty minutes. I made it into a meditation, which I had been induced into from the beginning by her appearance anyway, but I accepted what was being given for me to see and did not fall into an excessive devotional attitude as I knew many might do in such a circumstance. It was all just a transmission of pure bliss that was being beamed out to me by her beautiful eyes, her broad smile and effortless relaxed attitude of amusement. I hadn’t moved from the edge of the couch I had been sitting on when the revelation began, even though I could feel that my legs were beginning to get a little uncomfortable.

Of course, I didn’t want it to end, and as I began to think more about what might happen next, the image of this lovely angel began to slowly fade, which probably made me feel a little wistful that there might not be something … more, and I felt the fading continue. Her expression changed slightly and her eyes shifted away as she may have started to signal that her energy for this appearance to me was beginning to wane. I felt that she might be slightly disappointed that she couldn’t “tell” me more than was revealed by her presence (probably by my projected disappointment). I also wanted us to be closer or more able to communicate in some meaningful way—but I was mostly feeling grateful that I had been chosen for such an unusual, indeed, exalted experience from some part of the “higher worlds,” known from ancient times in folklore as often preserved in religious memory.

Then, the fading image disappeared, and I was left in subdued amazement, sitting on the edge of my couch with the crystal on its side in the middle of the cushion looking as it had when I initially placed it there before the visitation began. My wistfulness turned into something that was a little more like disappointment at the departure of a creature so small and lovely, mixed with elation that what I had witnessed was something rare and ethereal. I sat for some time, until I could see the sunlight was fading outside with evening approaching. I would have to get up at some point and try to find some way to allow for a segue back to more ordinary activities while savoring what I had seen and felt. I don’t really remember what it was because ordinary short-term memory soon took over again, but the amazing imprint experience was indelibly etched into my long-term memory, which in truth is just as much a joy to recall today, nearly 20 years later, as it was later that day[1]. In this account I have now attempted to go back over the events of that day more carefully than I have ever previously done, though I have spontaneously recounted short versions of the story a few times to friends—to accepting, puzzled or mixed reactions—who typically thought things like this only happened to overwrought Catholics.

Most people would not have any way of finding out more about an event of this kind, but I had been working with a channel source for several years previously, and when the next time came for my birthday reading with Hilarion (through an old friend, Jon Fox, a voice channel living in Nevada City, CA), I requested more information. As usual, Hilarion, the channel control, knew quite a lot about what had happened. He told me that my large crystal was actually a ‘portal,’ an interdimensional point of contact connecting our ordinary 4th dimensional space/time existence with a higher dimensional reality where this particular angelic being normally resides, and who is able to use it to visit our realm when desired.

I should probably try to find the audio tape of this reading someday, but my recollection is that it was somewhat like I had felt during our meditation together: she was revealing her presence as a kind of courtesy to me as the possibly worthy new owner of her crystal portal, but that she was not able to communicate specifics beyond that. He told me her name was “Zondria” and that she would continue to have some awareness of me and events around the crystal in my house, extending out to a radius of about 10 feet, which would shift the space/time parameters in the house slightly into the higher dimensions. He also mentioned that Zondria specifically spelled her angel name with a “Z” rather than an “X” as would ordinarily be the case for a number of names pronounced as if they began with a Z (like Xerox). This seemed like a curiosity until one day I happened to notice in the want-ad section of a local newspaper, an adult entertainment ad for an “escort” service called … Xondria. I could hardly believe my eyes, but I affectionately remembered Zondria … and just had to smile and shake my head, it was so improbable that something this whimsically odd could possibly happen. But I was already somewhat used to unusual things that no one would ever believe anyway, yet I knew I would probably have to try to write about it … eventually. I now call this my Angel Buddha Crystal—the most unusual (“supernatural”?) expression of what is often affectionately called the “Buddha Nature” I have ever seen. The only other thing I could imagine wishing to have occurred beyond this mind meld with my Angel Zondria would have been to hear her … sing. My little angel has never reappeared to me, though I often think of her and wonder if she still looks in on me from time to time (?). The great micro-mountain Angel Buddha Crystal awaits her return with calm repose … and with a little light in the niche turned on in anticipation.


The Dharma Table, highlighting the Angel Buddha Crystal, originally my grandmother’s antique
marble-top lamp table where I played at two years of age, now with my curios,
including a Huichol Indian Thunderbird on the wall above.

*           *           *           *

Dowd’s Hill at Avery, CA
November 21, 2017


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  1. Originally written in Dec. 2009.